Studies of Building our own Labyrinth

One of our life goals has been to build our very own Labyrinth.  We started this still incomplete project maybe 20 years ago.  In fact when I checked back to see when I began this post I was amazed to see it was begun in 2013.   For us life is too short to delay such a worthy achievement.  May I pose some of our initial questions:  How many steps in a Labyrinth?  How large an area will we require?  Will we need a centre point?  Will it fit in our lakefront yard with our wedding amphitheater?  We are re-starting our plan.  I’ll keep you posted because while this project has moved to the front burner it may be a multiyear undertaking.  Already there are family rumbling over the particulars that will require delicate negotiations and unprecedented diplomacy.  Stay tuned there could be fireworks!!

COTTER, GRAHAM                                                                

ST. MARK’S ANGLICAN CHURCH Public. Outdoor. Open during summer months Chartres design. Grass 51 King Street Port Hope, Ontario   L1A 2R6 Contact: Graham Cotter 905-885-4071

ST. MARK’S ANGLICAN CHURCH Private. Call for availability Three permanent outdoor labyrinths: 1. Chartres design. Grass 2.  Pre-Celtic spirals. Grass 3. Cretan design. Gravel 13633 County Road 29 Warkworth, Ontario   K0K 3K0 Contact: Graham Cotter 705-924-2492

Squirrel Buster Wild Bird Feeder

DSC_0556Holy Moly, for the longest time squirrels have been raiding our bird feeders.  They have been a constant nuisance.  Repeated attempts to thwart our growing broods of squirrels have  produced only minimal results.  Our bird feeders has always drawn a plethora of squirrels who perch, sometimes precariously, eating and dropping seeds everywhere.  

DSC_0597Our solution came on a delightful visit to share lunch with our friends Ken and Burke.  To our amazement they had a Squirrel Proof bird feeder.  Unbelievable to us!  But after inquiring as to the location of their purchase and the make we took the plunge.  We love it.  

Birds come and go and the squirrels have gone.  Sure they look longingly at our Squirrel Buster and Wild Bird Feeder but can no longer access the seeds.   Tranquillity is restored.  Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, sparrows, gold finches, wrens, along with all their feathered friends peaceably feed at our Wild Bird Feeder.   Check out Brome Wild Bird Feeder we think you will be pleased.

Brenda: Magic Hands Cure Tired Sore Muscles

Promoting Relaxation!

Entrepreneur and Certified Masseuse, Brenda is the latest professional to partner with the Loughbreeze Team.   Working by appointment with the “Loughbreeze Retreat Staff” Brenda’s rejuvenating talents enhance our guests physical and mental experience.    In becoming a registered masseuse, Brenda’s early training as an accomplished gymnist and dancer gave her valuable knowledge about muscle development and maintenance and propelled her career as a Certified Masseuse.   We welcome our guests to engage Brenda to realize the healing physical comforts of her knowledge and the magic of Massage.

So Amazing

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Is Cycling all the Rage of 2013?

After a break off again!

It all probably began the mid 1980s when our family took the plunge to Cycle in Europe.  Naively innocent I now believe,  but it was a wonderful life experience and gave us memories we never forgot.  Flying from Toronto to Amsterdam, cycles on board, we rode into the city and found a hostel in the older part of town.   After a few days in Amsterdam surveying the sites, Ann Frank’s house, beautiful canals, awesome architecture, culture and images we could only imagine, we headed to the North Sea Coast pedaling toward Paris, the city of lights.  Oh the sights a cyclist is privy to, sights, sounds, culture and fragrances.   Wonderful is the best word to describe cycling.  

Packed to Tour the World! Go Nando!

From church steeple to church steeple, hostel to bed & breakfast,  we rode, stopping to visit “The International Court of Justice” in den Haig, and visiting new flood control “The Delta Works” then under construction.   When you are riding your bicycle you meet the local people,  you become part of the landscape not just a blurr in passing but a compendium of local knowledge.  The marvels of thatched roofs, endless dikes and windmills are part of your fascinating day.  Jump forward 20+ years and we are at Loughbreeze building our own Hostel & Bed & Breakfast.  Welcome to our experiences, welcome to our hospitality and welcome to our Lake Ontario Paradise.  Welcome to the explosion of cyclists that travel our part of the country, North America and in fact the whole world .  They are the modern day explorers and the Cycling Rage of 2013.

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Treasured Memories

Let the Ride Begin!

Here at Loughbreeze we have many treasured memories but few compare with last Saturday’s momentous events.  Well, all of this actually began weeks ago with planning Harold’s 81’s Birthday.    Avid cyclist that he is, Harold planned a celebratory 81 km ride with a few of his cycling friends, maybe 30/35.   You should know his last year the ride was a mere 80 kms.

Now as many of you know there are lots of hills here in Northumberland County and even though Loughbreeze is located on Lake Ontario surrounded by lovely relatively flat land you certainly admire the hills as you look north.

The Traditional Mid-point Photo!

Harold and his wife Helen live in the hills.   Even if you are a cyclist of some repute a ride of 81 kms can be a challenge and Loughbreeze was the mid point. Here everyone stopped for a brief respite leg stretch, a coffee, cool drink, plus a light snack to share their thoughts and rejoice with Harold.  It was a wondrous occasion.  Our friend Terry, a professional photographer, was here to record everything with his camera.   After the traditional stair case photograph the riders, giggling and refreshed, headed out to finish the ride, another 40 kms mostly up hill to Harold and Helen’s home.  For the Grande Finale, Helen prepared and organized a lovely dinner celebration.   Their beautiful hill top home surrounded by bicycles and riders, glowed in the setting sun, as riders & spectators shared they’re exhilarating memories, all the while looking forward to next year. The most lasting of  all our images was Helen rushing out to greet Harold with a hug and kiss as he arrived home.

Harold leads off for the second leg!

Thank you Harold and Helen for a wondrous day!

The Perfect Couple!

Happy Riding Companions!

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Colborne's Silver Lake Stables

Horse 1

Northumberland County, that is where we are,  is sprinkled with Horse Farms of nearly every type.  You may have even read about one of our neighbours who specializes in Hanoverians.  But today I want  you to meet the good folks at Silver Lake Stables here in Colborne.  Mary Ann Tidesley & Andrea Bellamy own and operate Silver Lake Stables.  Silver Lake is a full service horse business.  Naturally they offer full time boarding with hands on lessons and camps, for Hunters and Jumpers.   With an indoor arena complete with elevated viewing room and multiple stalls this is a complete horse facility operated by experienced horse personnel.    Bring your horse and come for a tour.  You will like what you see!   For more information call 905-922-6892

Horse 2Filly

On a recent visit to Silver Lake Stables I had the pleasure of meeting this young filly and her mother, a mare owned by a local equestrian enthusiast and business manager.

MareHorses 2

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Steel Guitars of Canada

Al Brisco,  the man behind Canada’s Premier Steel Guitar Outlet, is a going concern.  For those of you who know Entrepreneurs and or Sole Proprietors recognize that they are personable, multi talented hard working, committed individuals devoted to their business and great service.   Well, if you know Al Brisco this is the guy.   He travels all around Northumberland County and beyond playing his steel guitar and singing whenever there events are being staged.

Al offers his time and ability to help everyone.  His customers come from near and far to his delightful rural property where his fully stocked store is located.   Of course, Al has a CD of his music ready as a gift just for stopping in.   We at Loughbreeze salute Al and his contributions to our community.   Thanks Al!


Unannounced I dropped in to snap this picture of Al, ever the Gentleman agreed, as he was preparing for a concert.  Thanks Al.               Like us on facebook
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Poppies and Lilacs in full Bloom

Our Wild Poppies Peeping out from under our Heritage Liliacs!

Spoiled as we are in the Paradise named Loughbreeze Bay, the cooler Lake Ontario waters have kept us very comfortable while other nearby areas have been forced to activate their air conditioners and watch as Lilacs and Poppies slide past their prime.    You will be thrilled to share the Loughbreeze HIGH BLOOMING season with lovely multicoloured double bloom flowering Lilacs while Poppies with brilliant colour raise their cups to the sun.  All of this in the serene quiet of Lake Ontario.   You’re weekly stay will allow you time to relax, reflect and recuperate  as you travers the shore line and sample our nature trails.   The pleasure of a great holiday awaits you at Loughbreeze Bay “Getaway”      

Double Whites and Dark Purples!!

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Loughbreeze Floating Fleet Doubles

Ready for the Water!

Get a canoe!  We must have heard that a thousand times from our kids.  Well, well last Saturday we took delivery of our “NEW” Canoe.   Well, isn’t truly a new canoe but then we did not acquire it from the Canadian Navy.   This is a fully certified Kevlar battle tested floating personal propulsion craft, tested water worthy boat (read canoe).   Handy paddles, semi comfortable seating and life jackets are provided to qualified shipmates for use in local waters.

Waiting for just the right time to launch!

This wondrous vessel doubles our fleet of water craft as its two seater sister, long paddles, Kayak was purchased several years ago.    We welcome our guests, watercraft experienced,  to all of our outdoor recreational amenities; hammocks, swings, easy anti-gravity lawn and Muskoka style chairs plus picnic tables and BBQ.   Great cycling is all around plus there are great hills for a more challenging ride.  Naturally Presqu’ile is an easy cycle ride away.  Loughbreeze is your perfect “Getaway Accommodation” & weekly bookings are available.

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Last year cruising this year paddling!

Enter Brewster’s and Meet Bruce & Tracy

Home of home cooked meals

For sure I would call this great couple “The Dynamic Duo”  if that name had not previously been taken by a lesser pair.   Bruce and Tracy are Entrepreneurs par Excellence.  They came to Colborne to be successful and they have aced the score card with a triple play.  Maybe you could say they won the Gold Cup because defying the odds, turning the town upside down with their hard work , dedication plus the will to make it happen “Brewster’s”  has burst on the scene with Home Cooking and lots of very happy customers.    Catering, plus in house Breakfast and Lunch meetings have added to their services like supplying meals for “Community Care Meals on Wheels”.  Brewster’s has our vote of confidence and we nominate them as a “Community Star”.   Stop in and visit with Tracy and Bruce right in centre town Colborne.  Brewster’s is a game changing community business and we are proud to spotlight them.

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