Loughbreeze Bay Lake Front Wedding Chapel

Nature’s Delightful Wedding Chapel!

All Ready for the Big Day!
  • The pleasures of Lake Ontario’s North Shore await you!
  • Minutes from Beautiful Brighton, Presqu’ile Provincial Park and Trenton, home to Canada’s largest Air Force Base and Air Force (RCAF) Museum
  • Close to Cobourg, Grafton, Centreton, Warkworth & Ste. Anne’s Spa
  • Nature trails, lake front walks, rural roads and glorious hills
  • Come and enjoy Lake Ontario’s awesome seasonal beauty

Nature’s Best!

A spacious fully equipped private entrance apartment awaits your arrival.  Relax in your own warmly decorated living space with great hospitality here at Loughbreeze B&B Northumberland’s premier, 4 season,  Lake Ontario Bed and Breakfast.  Loughbreeze B&B is secluded privacy in the middle of everything.


Presqu’ile Provincial Park Calendar of Events 2012


March 17 and 18: Waterfowl Weekend, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

World-class waterfowl viewing during the spring migration. Volunteer naturalists will help you view and identify over 25 different species of ducks, geese, and swans.

Also check out the children’s activities in the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre.  Join The Friends for BBQ lunch at the Lighthouse, on Saturday and Sunday, from 11:00 am.

The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and The Friends’ Gift Shop will be open.


May 19 and 20: Warblers and Whimbrels Weekend,

starting at 6:30 am

View the elusive Whimbrel and many colourful Warblers as they migrate to their northern nesting grounds.  Enjoy guided nature walks, bird-banding, and evening programs.

Join The Friends for BBQ lunch at the Lighthouse, on Saturday and Sunday, from 11:00 am. The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and The Friends’ Gift Shop will be open.


June 2: Annual General Meeting at Stonehedge

Come and meet with other Friends and Park supporters.  Coffee will be available from 10:30 am.  The AGM will begin at 11:00 am, and it will be followed by a BBQ lunch.


June 9 to 24: Spring Interpretive Program

Guided nature walks each weekend.  The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and The Friends’ Gift Shop will be open weekends.


June 30 to September 2: Summer Interpretive Program

Programs will be posted on our website, www.friendsofpresquile.on.ca, and throughout thePark, every week.

Daily Family Programs (except Wednesdays) – guided walks, children’s programs, evening talks, and campfire sing-alongs.

Every Saturday lunchtime, The Friends will hold a BBQ, near the amphitheatre, from 11:00 am.  The Nature Centre, Lighthouse

Interpretive Centre, and The Friends’ Gift Shop will be open daily.


July 16 to 20: Kids ‘n Nature Summer Day Camp for 8-11 year-old boys and girls

The Friends’ Gift Shop, located at the LighthouseInterpretive Centre, will be open weekends, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, during Waterfowl Weekend

and Warblers and Whimbrels Weekend, and otherwise by appointment.

Call Joyce Boucher at 613 475 1428


Incredible Snow Art & Sculptures

In this winter of Winters for a variety of non connected reasons SNOW ART has become a HOT topic around the world.  Frequently the rationale seems to be much more snow than usual but there are also the have nots or those who experienced less snow than usual.  And then there those who want snow and even some who have never seen snow.  Well, that may be hard to believe in those areas where the quantity of snow has proven to be devastating and even deadly.  But consider this old saying: when life deals you lemons then you make lemonade.  So just possibly when life deals you snow then you create SNOW ART.   So meet the challenge you have in your back yard and be thankful and or Create your own personal SNOW ART for all the world to see and admire.

Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery


Snow Art


Funny Snow Art from Viewers – Ellen Degeneres Photo Gallery



Academy Wards 2012 “Oscars”

Anticipation runs high as the magical date arrives.   TV is the medium as the world settles into a comfortable chair ready to ogle the magic of the OSCARS.  The runners are in the hall, the envelopes are sealed and ready for delivery, fashion and finery are everywhere, hey this is Hollywood.   This is the Show of All Shows.  Glitz & bling are seeking their reward.   Prognosticators are cheering their favourites while the rest of the world cheers, sighs, anticipates and applauds.  Sit back and enjoy this spectacle with your snacks and drink as you dream.   Visit these pre show sites for the best predictions.



Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

Welcome to Valentine’s Day 2012.  It is a glorious day here at Loughbreeze B&B & Ontario Cycling Hostel.  We were up with the SUN, enjoying the golden rays dancing across great Lake Ontario.   Following our hearty breakfast, it was off to our Brighton Computer Club meeting. After a wee bit of shopping, we were back for lunch.  For several weeks, we have been watching a huge driftwood log. It has wonderful grain patterns worn free by its time in the lake,  and  battered by waves. Those waves have been seriously amplified by our recent windy storms.  When we first saw the piece,  it was maybe 400 hundred yards from us.   Successive storms and high lake water have brought it ever closer and next week we hope it will come home.   But it is Valentine’s Day and we are basking in the glory of the day as we snack on these appropriate sweet morsels, lamenting the caloric intake.   Our guests have revelled in the light snow and the joy of exploring our nature paths.  They even tried on our SNOW SHOES as much for the experience  as the picture taking opportunity.   They were amazed how the storms had altered the shore line by moving massive amounts of sand and pebbles daily, carving new patterns.  Well, here we are at Valentine’s Day and only a few short days til SPRING . That amazes us once again.   For sure, we are looking forward to seeing you in the very near future.  All best wishes!

Signs of February

Welcome to the LoughbreezeBay B&B/Ontario Cycling Hostel’s beautiful changing world of February

Loughbreeze Pileated Woodpecker

Slip Sliding Away

February Dawns

Shoreline Snow

The Province>Blogs >Life Students With “Passion and Motivation” To Cycle Across Canada For Cancer

Taylor Scholz and Willy Konantz are 2 university students biking 5,000km across Canada in an attempt to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research. They expect it will take them a month and hope to raise $50,000. They will be riding roughly 200 kilometres per day, sleeping in their van, tent and in motels along the way. Whichever option is the most convenient.

I asked them what was their longest ride? “And as of our longest bike ride, we’re not going to lie, we are amateurs,” they told me. “We don’t have a lot of biking experience. We are two young athletic guys with heart, thats all we need in our minds.”

Last year, Willy Konantz’s father, Don Konantz, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it came as a shock to both of them. After feeling completely hopeless and defeated by this disease, they decided that they needed to fight back. At the time, a friend, Riley Senft, was running across Canada in order to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and he inspired them to take on a similar fundraiser.

“In the convenience of living in London, Ont. — where we attended school — we decided to ride our bikes from London all the way home to Vancouver, B.C. beginning on May 1st. In the beginning this was just an idea, some would say the idea was far-fetched, but the two of us knew this was a possibility. As the school year went on, the two of us met once a week to talk about the bike ride. We mapped out our route, set up a donation page, linked it to the Vancouver prostate centre and edited a Facebook page. We had everything set and ready to go. We were nervous to publicize everything though. We didn’t know how something like this would be perceived by our friends and family. Last Monday (Feb. 6th) we made a picture for our Facebook page and publicized it. It spread like wildfire. Everyone was really excited and loved the idea.

“Our goal that was once an image in our minds was now turning into a reality. Honestly, we are just two kids who want to make a difference. We want to raise money for the horrible disease as well as promote early detection. Caught early, prostate cancer is very curable. We don’t want anymore men to have to suffer the effects of this cancer. For the last few days people have been telling us that we’re so brave for doing something like this, but the truth is that it’s not bravery that organized this cause, it was passion and motivation. Anyone can make a difference, they just need to know where their passions and motivations lie.”

These guys have the key ingredient to making this a success — “passion and motivation.”

I am a firefighter and cancer survivor circumnavigating the globe by bicycle to fund research for a cure breast, prostate, and lung cancer. The posted blogs are my personal opinion and thoughts.

Get all my blogs by signing up on twitter @copsfire, Facebook Rudy Pospisil or RSS feed here.

HOT New German Bike by “Ghost”

The new super light aluminum frame bike by “Ghost” is now at The Mountain Co-op, the Member Owned Canadian Super Sports Chain. www.mec.ca/AST/ContentPrimary/Services/Stores.jsp      All details are shown on the MEC web site.  And be sure to click on the MEC web site below for more great information with additional “Ghost”  details.  “Rewarded Riding”

Check out this blog for unique ways to celebrate Valentines Day. We have snowshoes and snow here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B. http://blog.mec.ca/2012/02/06/make-love-in-a-canoe


Northumberland County Auctions are Booming

Here is your perfect source for Ontario Canada AUCTIONS and auctioneers.  From this site you can connect to the actual sites of individual auctioneers and even see their primary offerings.  This site is ideal because you can even request information on specific items you may be looking for and you will connect to the GOLD MINE of great sale information.  Bookmark this page and search out your treasures.



CBC Radio Head Phenomena “Jian Ghomeshi”

In these times there are imagined and real mysteries that confound many of us.  Just think of POLITICS; BUSINESS; WARS; THE ECONOMY; CLIMATE, and most men would throw in their final conundrum “Women”.   Societies perceived rights and wrongs drive many to distraction, while others are revelling in the polarization of the masses.  Each group assuming the famous battle cry of Captain John Paul Jones, “I have just begun to fight.”   Few are so meek and pusillanimous as Patrick Henry once accused those who resisted The American War of Independence, as he promoted his famous “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”.

However, let us for just a moment regard those investigative moderators among us many of whom are embroiled in their own controversies.  Individuals who by fate, cunning, accomplishments, or sheer force of character and or maybe aided by the perfect storm, accompany us to objectively examine, if not the most devious and controversial issues, then those related matters that frequently create the pimples of contention.   Jian Ghomeshi, he of CBC, (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) fame whose Monday to Friday program,  is carried on many PBS stations plus Short Wave around the world and on Sirius Radio in the US.   The marvel here is the perceived charm  and meteoric rise of this young man.  A graduate of York University in Toronto, musician and song writer he is a communicator/interviewer par excellence offering clarity to issues in his balanced programing.    He has recently performed speciality programs to great acclaim in the US, notably in Chicago and Denver.  ‘Kreskin,’ the great mind reader entertainer was instrumental in offering guidance when Jian, a daily favourite at Loughbreeze,  was establishing and solidifying his now famous audio personality.  You owe it to yourself to become familiar with Jian as he tackles profound issues knowledgeably interviewing movers and shakers across the spectrum.