Elyse Simpson Wins International Artist Award!!

Elyse, the pride of Loughbreeze B&B, from Oakville, Ontario, Simpson keeps on singing and winning.  Just this week Elyse, a shooting star,  won the “International Artist of the Year Award” in LA amid comments like “Super Talented”.   Now as some of you may recall Elyse stayed with us as she was on her famous “Go Tour or Go Home” road to fame and we wrote a blog complete with pictures from the command performance she staged for us and a few friends.   What a great night that was!   Amid all the hoopla surrounding her time at Loughbreeze, Elyse and her compact crew were perfect guests from walking our nature trail, exploring the shore line while taking tons of pictures and just sitting to talk we loved every minute of her visit.   We salute Elyse for her hard work, devotion to her goals and great talent.  It is a pleasure for us at Loughbreeze B&B, Lake Ontario’s luxury accommodations, to monitor the rise of her star.   Congrats Elyse!  You go girl!  Your friends at Loughbreeze B&B, secluded privacy in the middle of everything, are watching you from afar and always ready to welcome you back.   www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2VuLKLP8k

Canada’s New Polymer $100.00 Bill

Grab some polymer.  Stuff it in your pocket.  It’s only money! Bank of Canada Mark Carney shows off the bank's new circulating $100 bill, Canada's first polymer bank note, in Toronto on Monday Nov. 14, 2011. (Nathan Denette / THE CANADIAN PRESS) It spends just as fast.  May last longer but not for you.  Get ready for the future.

Holding or even seeing a $100.00 bill is not an everyday occurrence. In fact for us it is a pretty illusive item. However it is big news today that Canada has introduced a new polymer, thats a kind of plastic, $100.00 bill that may defy counterfeiters and last 2 and a half times longer than the ‘old’ paper version. Plus it is thinner and lighter than before but it spends just as fast! High tech dough is the report we hear. Well it may also create jobs as the old money counting machines will no longer count these new bills. So it is likely all the banks and money traders will have to purchase new counting machines. If one of those new polymer $100.00 bills floats your way drop us a note and tell us what you think and if you get a spare please send us that too. Luxurious Loughbreeze B&B, on the North shore of Lake Ontario, is secluded privacy in the middle of everything.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon.




Wine Lovers Celebration

Closson Chase Vineyards


Announcing the 7th Annual Prince Edward County Wine Celebration! You are cordially invited on Saturday, May 26th 2012 in Price Edward County, Ontario (The County) to the Terroir Wine County Celebration.( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terroir) Here is Canada’s newest wine region all in one place. Make this a must on your 2012 calendar; great food, special musical guest, fascinating speakers and more local wineries than ever before. For more information go to: www.thecountywines.com. Loughbreeze B&B, on Lake Ontario, is secluded privacy in the middle of everything. We serve Prince Edward County, Brighton, Warkworth, Hilton, Codrington, Colborne, Casselton. Cobourg and Port Hope and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Loughbreeze Great Book Reads #1

Whenever we find time to relax from our duties of delivering outstanding hospitality to our guests and completing our yard work we look for great books to read. Often our time is limited but you know how it is when you are reading a great book that is it is near impossible to put it down until you read that final page. After a ton of recommendations we selected the #1 New York Times bestseller “The Help”. This novel by Kathryn Stockett is recommended by National Public Radio (NPR) who said.. “This could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since “To Kill a Mockingbird” …If you read only one book…..let this be it.” People Magazine call ‘The Help’, “Wise, poignant….You’ll catch yourself cheering out loud.” The Huffington Post says; “The must read choice of every book club in the country… What is the big attraction? ‘The Help’ is about something. That is, something real. Something that matters.” These recommendations are about as good as it gets and Loughbreeze believes this book is important and will be meaningful in your life. Here at Loughbreeze B&B, secluded privacy on Lake Ontario, we are looking forward to seeing you soon. Learn more about Kathryn at her web site; www.kathrynstockett.com P.S. Our friends have also recommended the movie and say it is true to the book.

Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget

November 11, 2011

On a bridge over the Highway of Heroes

We must never forget those brave souls who have made the sacrifice of serving to protect our freedom.  Today our lives are enriched because of those who met and defeated the enemies of free nations.   Stand tall Gallant defenders you have more than earned your rest.   Our respect, admiration and pride honours your service.
For travel suggestions this Remembrance Day in Ontario visit http://ow.ly/7p8H4.
For  a moving memorial, watch The Trews- Highway of Heroes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrkgV5bl7kQ”

Christmas at Presqu’ile – It’s a Loughbreeze Must

As we all know Christmas comes but once a year however someone forgot to tell the great folks at Presqu’ile Provincial Park so they put together a five day, must attend, Christmas Show featuring a plethora of incredible local artists and crafters, including bakers and candy makers, jewellery designers and imaginative fine wood craftsmen. Let me tell you that each artist must pass the juried test to qualify. We here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel are proud friends of many of the talented artist participating in Christmas at Presqu’ile. Certainly we applaud our fellow Brighton Arts Council (BAC) members Elizabeth, Anita, Ron, Linda and Roni for their excellent offerings. Christmas at Presqu’ile is a production of the committed Friend’s of Presqu’ile www.friendsofpresquile.on.ca. When you visit be sure to stop in next door for the Hot Apple Cider and a delighful piece of Rum Cake. Loughbreeze B&B, secluded privacy in the middle of everything is the perfect overnight accommodation for visitors. See us at : www.loughbreeze.com and www.ontariocyclinghostel.com; http.www.facebook.com/LoughbreezeBandB. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Warkworth Celebrates ” The Perfect Pie”

Getting ready to bid for Warkworth's prize winning pies!

Pie eaters unite. Get thee to Warkworth! For the last 25 + years the good folks in Warkworth, Ontario have staged “The Perfect Pie Festival”. As always, Warkworth, is the place to be for the greatest pie festival in the world plus a host of other community activities. Pies, pies and even more pies. Here is the skinny: Warkworth has incredible homemade pies; apple pies, pecan pies, lemon pies, blueberry pies, peach pies, cherry pies and then there were the fabulous meat pies, like chicken, pork and beef. Well, I probably missed a few, I can only eat so much, but you gotta go and see for yourself. First, in an over flowing hall, right on Main Street, for the value admission price of $5.00 you have Carte Blanche to sample an assortment of these awesome homemade delicacies and as a bonus you get a free cup of coffee. Once you have tasted yourself out, then settle in for the show. Hold your hats folks cause the very best pies, all winners in the great Perfect Pie competition will be sold to the highest bidder. I can tell you the average price was in the $100.00 range. This is not a misprint because some of the pies sold for as much as $250.00 each. And the winners, included one great 8 year old young man and  a very modern young lady of 12. The Loughbreeze B&B contingency loved every minute as incredible community pride and support for and from volunteers, including the Mayor ruled the day. Warkworth (www.warkworth.ca) is mere minutes from Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel home of bountiful homemade meals especially great breakfast fare. We are secluded privacy in the middle of everything. Visit us on face-book too and stop in to visit us soon. http.www.facebook.com./LoughbreezeBandB


Signs of November


November Sun Rise over Lake Ontario at Loughbreeze B&B

Mowing November’s leaves away

November’s Flower

The TUB in the woods