Loughbreeze Readies for the NEW YEAR

2011 has been an exciting and busy year for us at Loughbreeze B&B, your 4 season Lake Ontario luxury Bed & Breakfast, as technology advances stretched our skills bank from the kindergarten stage to hopefully high school graduates.   Gone are the old days of C Prompt computers.

Currently we maintain 2 web sites, Ontario Cycling Hotel and Loughbreeze B&B, plus we will be adding two more early in the new year.  Facebook and Q R’s have crossed our horizons and are happening as I write.

On our Loughbreeze web site we already have nearly 150 BLOG’S, and growing,  covering everything from grandchildren to Presqu’ile Provincial Park, our new Lake Front Wedding Amphitheatre, the great Sangria Sunday Celebration, our You Tube video as well tales of our fascinating friends, local businesses and points of interest.   In September and October we offered a special pricing package.

Watch for our new promotion beginning in November that includes dinner at our favourite Thai Restaurant, The Golden Rooster.  As well we are putting the final touches on our activities schedule for 2012.

We will be holding monthly photography classes which will be led by exciting professional photographer’s both on our premises on Lake Ontario, Presqu’ile Provincial Park and several Conservation areas including our nature trail, plus portrait and wedding photography.    As well there will be Art sessions and art shows plus much cycling activity.  Mean while watch for our B&B guest services to include massage, yoga and still to be confirmed a variety of craft lessons.  The Holiday’s are beautiful here on the lake and we will be announcing our programs and B&B availability in the very near future.

When winter arrives naturally there will be snow shoeing, cross county skiing, hot cider & chocolate and of course those great walks along our trails including the Lake front.    Frances and I are excited to plan and offer our new agenda and hope you will follow us on Facebook;   www.facebook.com/loughbreezebandb Please click on the LOUGHBREEZE like box,  thumbs up, icon at the top of the page so you can follow our activities.  We look forward to meeting you on facebook.   Wishing you a great day.

Cycle to Happiness

Fitness Articles |    Seasonal & Holiday Tips

7 Steps to Tune Up Your Bike for Spring

Basic Bicycle Maintenance and Safety Checks

— By Glenn Kent, Ph.D., Certified Personal Trainer
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It’s no secret that the modern bicycle is a versatile machine, offering options for transportation, recreation, fitness, competition and employment. Cycling provides a host of health benefits, including improved cardiovascular functioning, leg strength, balance and coordination, plus improvements in mood. Biking can also help with weight management. For those living in seasonal climates, our bicycles typically lie dormant during the cold winter months and resurface in spring. But before you head outside for your first ride of the season, spend some time getting your bike ready for the road. These basic bike maintenance tips will help ensure a safe, efficient ride all season.

7 Steps for a Spring Tune Up Before you think about taking your bike for a spin, make sure you give it a thorough tune-up. Don’t worry; most of these checks are easy to administer. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, have a bike shop tune your bike (cost is approximately $30-65).

Tune-up task #1: Clean your bike.
A clean bike extends the life of all its components, just as a clean car lasts longer.

What to do: Use a basic biodegradable cleaner such as Simple Green, a towel and an old toothbrush to clean everything: the frame, chain, chain rings, cassette, derailleurs, pedals, brakes, and seat. Make an effort to use as little water as possible. Also, remove the seat post (the tube connected to your seat that slides into the frame) and after cleaning it, and add a small amount of bicycle grease before reattaching it. This grease will last longer than oil, which dries out faster, and will also act as a barrier against rust in the seat tube.

Tune-up task #2: Inspect your brake system.
Brakes are a vital component of all bikes because they provide control over the speed you travel. Controlling speed reduces the likelihood of being in an accident. Brakes also permit the cyclist to maneuver while turning, riding up and down hills and avoiding debris or other obstacles.

What to do: First, check the brake pads, the rectangular rubberized component that actually rubs against the metal tire rim. Just like the brakes in your car, bicycle brakes wear down over time and need to be replaced. Use a flashlight to assess if the pads are wearing evenly. If you notice a ridge or other uneven wear pattern, you may need to have your brakes adjusted. Replace the pads if they show excessive wear. Next, squeeze the brake lever on your handlebars and watch the brake pads. They should hit the rim at the same time. If they don’t, you can adjust your brakes with the brake arm tension screw, which is located on one of the brake lever arms near the tire. If you notice too much slack in the cable when pulling your brakes, roll out the barrel adjuster at the end of the lever (where the cable enters the housing) to add tension to the brake cable, thereby making the brakes react more quickly.

A poor braking system could lead to loss of control while riding, which could lead to accidents and serious injury. If you conclude that your brakes are not working properly, then do not ride your bike; take it to a bike shop to be repaired. If your brakes fail while riding, figure out a way to stop your bike (perhaps go up hill or steer onto the grass or other high friction surface). After you have come to a complete stop, get off your bike and walk home or call for a lift. Have the brakes repaired before riding again.

Tune-up task #3: Watch your wheels.
Wheels (rims) hold your tires in place and provide stability and smoothness while riding. Your bike would not move without rims because they allow consistent contact between the tires and road surface.

What to do: Clean the wheels with rubbing alcohol and a clean, dry cloth. Inspect the rims for nicks, scrapes, dents or other damage. Next, elevate one end of the bike and spin the wheel. The wheel should move smoothly, without wobbling. Repeat for the other wheel.

Damaged rims cause uneven wear to tires and brake pads, which can shorten their lifespan. In addition, uneven tire wear usually leads to flat tires or a blown tire while riding—a potentially dangerous situation. Replace your wheels if denting or other damage is excessive. A wobbly rim can be adjusted with a spoke wrench—a simple fix that a bike repair shop can handle better than most do-it-yourselfers. Adjusting spokes yourself can lead to more problems if you do not know what you’re doing.

Tune-up task #4: Inspect the drivetrain.
A bike’s drivetrain includes the pedals, chain, chainring, derailleur (the device that moves the chain to make riding easier or harder) and rear wheel cassette (all the little teeth in the center of the rear wheel). The drivetrain is important because it transfers the power generated by the rider’s legs to the rear wheel. This transfer of power provides the force that moves the bike.

What to do: You will need a partner or bike stand to assist with this part of the tune-up. Raise the rear wheel and spin as you did when checking the wheels (task #3 above). This time, shift through all the gears. Shifting should be smooth and easy to perform. Inspect the chain, chainrings, derailleur and cassette for damage (excessive wear, missing teeth, dents, scrapes, etc.). Note that small chainrings wear out sooner than large chainrings and that chains are the most frequently replaced component of the drivetrain.

If shifting is not smooth, take your bike to a repair shop to adjust the derailleur. Doing this yourself can lead to more problems if you do not know what you’re doing. Again, chains are usually the first component to go in the drivetrain and should be replaced every 2,000-3,000 miles. Replacement cost is generally between $20 and $50. Waiting too long to replace a chain will wear down the other drivetrain components faster.

Tune-up task #5: Check the tires.
Tires fit around the wheels (rims) to protect them and improve their function. Tires offer a source of friction (i.e., traction) with the ground, permitting travel over a variety of surfaces, including pavement, dirt and gravel. In addition, they form a flexible cushion with the ground, which smoothes out shock, making for a more comfortable ride.

What to do: Check your tires for splits, cracks or tears, especially along the sides (where the tire does not touch the ground). You will also want to check the tread for uneven or excessive wear. If the brake pads were out of alignment (task #2 above), make sure they have not damaged the tires.

Tires are fairly inexpensive to replace, so if you are in doubt about keeping a tire, it is best to have it replaced. Damaged tires are prone to burst, causing a sudden loss of control—a potentially dangerous situation. All bike shops will repair tires, but it’s a simple to change a tire on your own using tire levers and a pump to re-inflate the inner tube.

Tune-up task #6: Check the cables.
Cables are made of tightly coiled metal wire surrounded in plastic housing. Cables connect the shifters and brakes on the handlebars to the derailleur and brake pads. Cables connected to the shifters assist with moving the chain from one gear to another via the derailleur, while those connected to the brakes aid in stopping the bike when the lever on the handlebars is used.

What to do: Inspect the cable and surrounding rubber housing for cracks, crimps, rust, dirt and looseness.

New cables make shifting and braking smooth, which increases bike performance. If you notice damaged or worn out cables, get t hem replaced at your local bike shop. Unless you’re well trained in this task, changing bike cables can be tricky and time consuming. Schedule replacement of cables every 2-5 years based on use. If you ride your bike year-round, consider replacing your cables yearly.

Tune-up task #7: Add lubricant.
Oil lubricant coats the chain and other components of the drivetrain, helping them last longer and work more efficiently. Lube also reduces accumulation of dirt and grime, which helps increase performance of the moving parts.

What to do: Apply lubricant evenly to the chain while slowly rotating the pedals in a counterclockwise direction. Also, remember to lube moving parts on the derailleur, the pivot point on the brake levers and any exposed cable wire. Remember to wipe off any excess oil with a clean, dry rag, especially on the chain.

A properly lubricated bike makes shifting and braking smooth, thereby increasing performance. You can fix minor rust spots by rubbing them with steel wool. You may want to wear work gloves to protect your hands as steel wool can cause splinters in your skin. It is usually too difficult to remove rust from certain components (e.g., the chain), which should be simply be replaced.

A Pre-Ride Checklist Now that your springtime tune-up is finished, you’re almost ready to ride. You should inspect your bike before every ride to avoid potential problems on the road. Use the following quick checklist before each ride to improve biking efficiency while maximizing safety.

  1. Let your bike fall. Pick your bike up 4-5 inches off the ground and let it drop. Investigate any rattling or odd noises when it hits the ground. They could be signs of loose parts.
  2. Test the brakes. Engage the brake levers to make sure they are functioning properly. They should snap back after letting you let go.
  3. Tires OK? Make sure the tires are inflated according to the specifications on the side wall of each tire. Check for cuts, tears, and rips and replace if necessary. This step only takes a minute, but it is one of the most important steps you should take to ensure safety and efficiency before every ride.
  4. Spin the wheel. It should spin freely without wobbling and there should be no contact between it and the brake pads.
  5. Secure the wheel. Most bikes contain quick release levers, which are levers located at the hub (center of the wheel) that allow for easy removal or adjustment of the wheel without using a tool. These should be securely tightened.
  6. Secure the headset. The headset is the short tube located at the front of the bike connecting the forks and the bike frame. Your handlebars slip into this tube, which pivots to allow steering. To test if the headset is secure, apply the front brakes while gently tilting the bike forward and back (your rear tire should raise up and down). Listen for clicking, which is a sign of a loose headset. Tighten if necessary.

All this maintenance means one thing: You have earned the right to mount your bicycle for the spring and summer season! For bike rides of any distance, make sure you wear a helmet. For longer rides, bring along something to drink and eat. Regardless of distance, always remember to follow the rules of the road. Most importantly, enjoy the exercise and fun that comes with this German-inspired mode of transportation.

Be sure to Visit Ontario Cycling Hostel & Loughbreeze B&B

Source list:
Downs, Todd. 2005. Bicycling Magazine’s Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair: For Road and Mountain Bikes. New York: St. Martin’s Press.

How to Repair a Bicycle, from the Editors of Consumers Guide

Rules of the Road, from the League of American Bicyclists

P.S. Did you see Cori Arthur with her bike in Northumberland Today?



Beautiful Thai Cuisine at The Golden Rooster


We do party's & take out


The Golden Rooster


It’s the folks whose mission it is to search out wonderful places to dine that frequent Colborne’s The Golden Rooster and their Beautiful Thai Food.

The Sign of Great Food

While the ubiquitous fast food culture abounds many foodies pray they will stumble on those special owner operated shops where the meals are lovingly prepared and served to appreciative guest.   We tell our guest to let us make them a reservation at The Golden Rooster for the pleasure of great food.  The guest come from Cobourg, Grafton Wicklow and Lakeport.   And you can meet good folks from Smithfield, Brighton, Hilton, Salem and Dundonald.   But in truth they come from far and wide to enjoy the great food.

It is a matter of pride that Loughbreeze B&B connects with The Golden Rooster Restaurant for great Thai and Canadian Cusine.  Our appreciation for The Golden Rooster landed on our door step almost as soon as we, Loughbreeze,  came into existence by way of guest who told us they booked their accommodations with us in order to dine at The Golden Rooster.     For a vote of confidence each of our guest re-soundly enjoyed their meal.


Be sure you inquire about our special Free November & December Golden Rooster Special when you book your accommodations at Loughbreeze B&B.  You’ll be glad you did.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Loughbreeze B&B Associates

Forgive me for this personal indulgence but in today’s fast paced life you rarely have an opportunity to hook up with that auspicious quality caring person with genuine humility.  John Brunke, whom I have known for nearly three years is a man of integrity and talent.  He is a very special photographer who concentrates on family occasions.  Please visit his web site:   http://www.johnbrunke.com/index.html I know you will be impressed.


John Brunke Family Photographer

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When Disaster Strikes 

Are You Prepared?

Personal Property Inventory for Homeowners
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For the simple pleasure of enjoying . . .

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CFB Trenton Revisited WOW!


From our Rescue Teams

Here is a UN Chopper

This BIG BOY is a recent addition

You may have already read some of the articles we have written about CFB Trenton and the RCAF Museum.  The Trenton Air Base is a viable neighbour of ours only about 25 minutes from Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel.  Believe me we love to visit this incredible museum there as it just gets better and better with refinements and NEW stuff.   Just last week we were nearby attending one of those endless business meetings and we had to check out the museum.   Fortunately, we had our trusty Nikon D80 to shoot pictures of some of the growing population of great aeroplanes on display.   And it behoves me to tell you the staff here, mostly volunteers are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable to the extreme.  Naturally we inquired about any information on Vi Milstead.   We have several articles about her WW2 contributions elsewhere in these blogs.  A most helpful Public relations lady followed up on our questions.  Rather than offering up more written praise let me show you some of the pictures we took.  Remember Loughbreeze B&B is secluded privacy in the middle of everything.   Here is our special Paradise we are looking forward to seeing you.  All best wishes.

Check out this Great Work Horse

Portable Control Tower

Saluting those who served

A beautiful Memorial

Ontario Cycling Hostel/Loughbreeze B&B =Waterfront Trail

Waterfront Trail - Along the Canadian Shores of Lake Ontario

[Get Started on the Waterfront Trail]


Register for 2012 and save!
New dates–
July 14 to 21, 2012

September 24 and 25
Participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup


Do More on the Shore!

The Waterfront Trail has been an instrumental part of Lake Ontario’s regeneration. Along it you will find a 900 km celebration of nature and culture – where peaceful countryside, small towns and big cities are linked in bringing Lake Ontario to this province’s residents and visitors, alike. Enjoy it for a day. Or make it a summer-long adventure. The Waterfront Trail will let you discover the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River waterfront…and what it can mean to you.

Work is now underway to create a cycling route along Lake Erie! Once complete that will give Ontarians and visitors 1,400km of great cycling experiences! The Trust and its partners, Carolinian Canada Coalition, Transportation Options and Share the Road are working with Lake Erie communities to sign a route in the next two years! The Trust’s work in this project is generously funded by the Ontario Government.

Looking for trip ideas?

Compact waterfront trail mapbook 2011 Edition of the 
NEW Compact

Waterfront Trail and Greenway Mapbook
now available.
Includes updates to 12 maps

Click on image for more info


Check out the newest cycling tour company serving Windsor Essex with creative tour themes such as Island Bike and Astronomy gazing Pelee Island and Gallery Tours in the Windsor area.

Loughbreeze B&B Supports Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Volume 23, No 4 – Fall 2011


Volume 23, No 4 – Fall 2011

The Beacon Caring for and preserving Presqu’ile Park together.


Welcome to The Friends of Presqu’ile Park Online

The Friends of Presqu’ile Park is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the educational and interpretive aspects of Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Our efforts are focused on providing to all Park visitors an understanding and an appreciation of the unique natural and cultural history of Presqu’ile Park.
As you explore our website, you will learn about the richness of the many experiences that Presqu’ile Provincial Park has to offer. 

By becoming a Friend, you too can share in this richness by ensuring that the quality of these experiences will continue for others to enjoy. You can do this as a volunteer by: helping to build a better boardwalk and displays for the interpretive centres; improving trails; assisting with the children’s programs; or supporting our many fundraising activities. 

Welcome to our website.  We hope you enjoy the journey.

Christmas at Presqu’ile
November 5,6,9,12 and 13
Click here for more information

We would like to know your comments and/or contributions; please contact us.

View Current Press Release
To go directly to our weekly Birding Report click here

How to get to Presqu’ile Provincial Park
Presqu’ile Park’s location in Ontario, between Toronto and Kingston, makes it easily accessible for anyone residing in or visiting southeastern and central Ontario, Quebec, or northern New York State. 

For more detailed information about Presqu’ile Provincial Park, click here or call 1 888 ONT PARK (668 7275). All camping reservations must be made via Ontario Parks using either the above internet link or telephone number.

For further information regarding camping in Presqu’ile Park click here.
Local News and Weather
Tune into Brighton’s local radio station, myfm 100.9, for local news and weather information or click the following links: 

Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel provide the perfect accommodations for visiting the Park.  Visit us on the net.


Loughbreeze Surfers Love October’s Winds


Hitching a Great Ride

Loughbreeze October Surfer

April showers may bring May flowers but on the North Shore of Lake Ontario from Port Hope, Grafton, Colborne, Brighton and along Prince Edward County this October day brought out the surfers.   It was one of those slightly over cast days showing a sky loaded with swiftly moving clouds, some light and some darkly ominous, right here at Loughbreeze B&B the surfers arrived.

Looking for the BIG Ones

Naturally we were already exploring our nature path and walking the shore line in spite of the occasionally shower when a bright red Toyota Home Hardware truck pulled up with several experienced boardmen in wet suits.  It was a great day to surf.  Mind you were are used to seeing surfers as for 25 years we have enjoyed our holiday’s on the Outer Banks, OBX, of North Carolina in the Nags Head area then turning south to marvellous Atlantic Beach.

Headed for the THRILL

Over the years surfers have told us “don’t worry about the weather just give us waves” and yesterday Mother Nature gave them waves.   In Northumberland County Loughbreeze B&B is secluded privacy in the middle of everything.    Vist us at Ontario Cycling Hostel. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Presqu’ile Provincial Park Calendar of Events 2011/12

Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel  offers with great pleasure The Presqu’ile Provincial Park Calendar of Events for 2011/12.

Calendar of Events 2011/12


September 9 to October 10 – Fall Interpretive Program

Join us for Friday video presentations and guided hikes on select

weekends.  The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and the Friends’

Gift Shop will be open weekends.


November 5 and 6, 9, 12 and 13 – 20th Christmas at

Presqu’ile Arts and Crafts Show, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fine arts and crafts on sale at the Nature Centre and at the

Lighthouse Interpretive Centre (open until 5:00 pm).  Featuring

artists Doug Comeau, Rose Brown, and Linda Barber at The

Lighthouse Gallery.  Visit the tea room at Stonehedge and enjoy

our famous rum cake and hot drinks.  Free admission, free parking.



February 18: NatureWorks Winter Soup Hike, from 1:00 pm

See how much life there is in the dead of winter on this 90-minute guided walk, followed by a

hot bowl of soup and a slide show.  $2 person/$5 family.  Registrations required – to make

your booking please telephone 613 475 1688, ext 2.

March 17 and 18: Waterfowl Weekend, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

World-class waterfowl viewing during the spring migration.  Volunteer naturalists will help

you view and identify over 25 different species of ducks, geese, and swans.  Also check out

the children’s activities in the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre.   Join The Friends for BBQ

lunch at the Lighthouse, each day, from 11:00 am.


May 19 and 20: Warblers and Whimbrels Weekend, starting at 6:30 am

View the elusive Whimbrel and many colourful Warblers as they migrate to their northern

nesting grounds.  Enjoy guided nature walks, bird-banding, and evening programs.  Join The

Friends for BBQ lunch at the Lighthouse, each day, from 11:00 am.


June 2: Annual General Meeting at Stonehedge

Come and meet with other Friends and Park supporters.  Coffee available from 10:30 am.

The AGM will begin at 11:00 am, and it will be followed by BBQ lunch.


June 9 to 24: Spring Interpretive Program

Guided nature walks each weekend.  The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and The Friends’

Gift Shop will be open weekends.


June 30 to September 2: Summer Interpretive Program

Programs will be posted on our website, www.friendsofpresquile.on.ca, and throughout the

Park, every week.  Daily Family Programs (except Wednesdays) – guided walks, children’s

programs, evening talks, and campfire sing-alongs.  Every Saturday lunchtime, The Friends

will hold a BBQ, near the Amphitheatre, from 11:00 am.  The Nature Centre, The Lighthouse

Interpretive Centre, and The Friends’ Gift Shop will be open daily.


August 4 and 5: History Weekend, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Relive Presqu’ile’s storied past and take part in events such as the Calthumpian Parade, old-

fashioned field games, children’s boat-building bee and regatta, 1812 re-enactments, ghost

walks, a history play, and more.


September 1 and 2: Monarchs and Migrants Weekend, starting at 8:00 am

Bird-banding, Monarch tagging, and guided nature walks celebrate the fall migration.

The Friends’ Gift Shop will be open weekends until Thanksgiving, during Christmas at Presqu’ile, and otherwise by appointment.


Signs of October


Harvest complete - Tractor available

Farmer’s Fine Art

Across Northumberland County there are fascinating signs of October everywhere.  In Port Hope, Cobourg, Grafton, Colborne, Salem and Brighton farmers have their road side stands filled with the bountiful harvest of summer.  Headed just north to Hilton, Codrington and Warkworth the scene is the same.  City folks are visiting their favourite areas seeking the freshest and most beautiful fruits and veggies.

Air conditioning ready

It has been a great year for the harvest.  In Campbellford, Hastings, Roseneath, Castleton and Centreville the story is identical.  Family farms with the pride of their labours are selling the best they have to offer.   You may want to visit Baltimore, Bewedley, Garden Hill and do not miss Precious Corners to visit the many craft and antique shops that dot the country side.

October in the woods

For sure your visit will find welcoming friends everywhere in Northumberland Hills. Here at Loughbreeze B&B  and Ontario Cycling Hostel we welcome you to our Paradise too.  We are Northumberland County’s premium Lake Ontario Bed & Breakfast and the only Ontario Cycling Hostel.  Secluded privacy in the middle of everything.  Stop in to visit.