Presqu’ile Common Tern Lecture Series

Please join us at
The Amphitheatre, Presqu’ile Provincial Park
on Tuesday, July 19, at 8:00 pm.

The presentation, along with Questions and Answers,will last about 30-45 minutes.


Presqu’ile Provincial Park, through the Ontario Parks research protocols,
has authorized an interesting study of the natural Common Tern colony
within the Park by a research team from Penn State University. This
study started in 2008 and continues this year and beyond.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Jennifer Arnold has agreed
to give a talk about Common Terns in general, and some of the things
that have been learned from their on-site observations and research.
The presentation will be directed toward Camp visitors and interested
neighbours and will focus on what children and families would find
informative and interesting.

For more information call David at 613 475 4324, ext 225 or

Glider School for Canadian Forces Base Trenton

"Welcome to Trenton Ontario!"

In breaking news today Canadian Defense Minister Peter Mackay has announced the awarding of more than $52 million dollars at CFB Trenton for a Air Cadet Glider School including classrooms and mainteince facilities. In addition a $44 million hanger, part of the National Defense Modernization initiative, will be built for Canada’s CC-130 Hercules air craft. It is estimated that these additions will be finished by the summer of 2012. Mr. Mackay told reporters his government over the past several years has invested nearly $1 billion dollars at “8 Wing Trenton” as he stressed the “Wings” importance to Canada’s future. CFB Trenton continues to grow and become more integral to the Trenton/Quinte/Belleville area. We here at Loughbreeze B&B are looking forward to seeing you very soon. All best wishes to Canada’s Military. We welcome you to review our earlier Blog on the incredible Air Force Museum located at CFB Trenton.

The bellie of the CC-130 Hercules

Canada Day 2011 Brighton, Ontario

Brightons Canada's day Bounce!

Canada Day, July 1, 2011! Annually on this day Canada Day Produces vibrant community oriented celebrations in every city, town and village coast to coast. Over the years we have attended many of these glorious affairs and this year we were back in Brighton, Ontario where the community joined by the Trenton Air Base personnel put on a splendid show. We revelled in the home spun talent, many or whom we see shopping and throughout the community. Of course there are all the trappings of a festival with hot dogs, hamburgers, back bacon sandwiches and of course everyone’s favourite French fries. Kids, kids and more kids with parents and grandparents, harkening to the solemn words of our military amid marching Fife & Drum Bands, The wonderful Brighton’s “Shout it Out Women’s Choir” (one of many “Shout it Out Choirs” in our area) and Irish Dancers entertained as we all celebrated Canada’s Annual day of Nationhood. Closing out the celebration Ian Sinclair and Stephanie Bird Brighton’s famous singing duo performed their magic for a mesmerized crowd. A Great Day of celebration by Canada’s grateful residents. Here at Loughbreeze B&B, secluded privacy in the middle of everything, we are looking forward to seeing you soon. All best wishes Canada.

Delicious Strawberry Farm Grows Fine Homes

Look who's taken over the Strawberry Farm!

From Years of Red Strawberries to ????

These days it seems every economist applauds any house building announcement. Here in Northumberland County and especially the North Shore of Lake Ontario the pace of home building is alive and well. Just five minutes from Lake Front Loughbreeze B&B there is, according to residents, a huge estate home, possibly 50 acres, allegedly belonging to Elton John under construction. On this magnificent Lake Front property the sign, lending credibility, dictates the entire property is under constant satellite surveillance as the home is constructed. Our next proposed waterfront development will be the Great Strawberry Farm that consist of as much as 200 acres. It seems eastern Northumberland County, already home to many of Canada’s celebrities and successful business leaders have already purchased properties in the townships of Trenton, Brighton, Grafton, Colborne and Cobourg/Port Hope.

The New Manager?

Super convenient for commuters the area is just 90 minutes east of Toronto, seems destined to surge into social prominence. This regal farm property, for years home to some of Canada’s best strawberries will soon go to the highest bidder and locals are betting on a fine homes developer. One local farming entrepreneur told us he had already approached the owner with a deal but could not finalize the agreement. Will we be blessed with Elton John, possibly Prince Harry or some oil rich magnate looking for privacy in a secluded North Shore Lake Ontario farming community? Count on Loughbreeze B&B, secluded privacy in the middle of everything, to keep you posted as we update the news.

Loughbreeze Fox Litter Grows Up

Canada Day, July 1, 2011, early today we spotted one of the original fox cubs we featured on out blog out looking for his breakfast. Travelling alone and frequently stopping to listen for his morning meal we watched him for maybe 10 minutes. He looked a bit thin and somewhat inexperienced as he moved around the area. We watched him skirt the yard and slip down the bank looking for a mouse or maybe a small ground hog. Finally without achieving his goal he moved out of sight. Over the couple of months since we first recorded the four young cubs they have changed their place of “nesting” every couple of weeks. Now it seems they have left the Mother and become independent. We look forward to watching each member of the family as we track their growth. Loughbreeze B&B on the North Shore of Lake Ontario in Colborne, Ontario is seclude privacy in the middle of everything. Check out our web site, We are looking forward to seeing you soon.