Loughbreeze B&B the Perfect Fishing Cottage

A Three Generation Fishing Family staying at Loughbreeze. Look at this 27 lbs Rainbow Trout!


Gone Fishing it’s the thing to do! When you live on Lake Ontario fishing is second nature.   The Lake is so beautiful and so deep and huge that you just know there are lots of fish out there.    Our very good friend “Serge” owns ‘Let’s Fish’ Guiding’ and specializes in teaching children and adults on the best way to fish from his ideally equipped boats.   Serge knows fishing and his experience covers the Lake as well as all the tributaries.  facebook.com/#!/LetsFishGuiding

Public Boat Launch minutes from Loughbreeze B&B

Here at Loughbreeze B&B where your accommodation is an apartment suite we are the perfect cottage for fishermen.   Our guest enjoy their own apartment suite complete with a full kitchen and private entrance.    Loughbreeze is secluded privacy on Lake Ontario.   Fishermen are learning that our facility delivers great accommodations for the 3, 4 or 5 day fishing expedition.   With public launching sites nearby Loughbreeze B&B becomes their cottage and home base.

The Wicklow Beach's safe and sheltered launch ramp

Just this week we have a fishing family of 5 spending the week relaxing and fishing from their 22 foot cruiser.   Believe me they  know about fishing.   They measure the depth and temperature of the water and they know just what they are fishing for.   From  Steel Heads to Salmon to Lake Tout and Pike their reels with hooks and spinners are ready for action.   They come to Loughbreeze B&B where they can easily park their truck and boat trailer.


Parking's a breeze at Loughbreeze!

And they love the secluded quiet privacy of their own private entrance to Loughbreeze B&B where it feels more like a Lake Front Cottage.    After a great day of fishing our guests sit on the bank and ponder tomorrows fishing strategy while sipping from a cool glass.    Come stay at Loughbreeze Bay B&B where the fish are biting and when you cast your line you can catch your limit.     We are located Colborne, Ontario part of Fabulous Northumberland County on the North Shore of Lake Ontario just one and a half hours East of Toronto and 90 minutes West of Kingston, Ontario.   Exit Highway 401, “The Highway of Heroes” at interchange 497 where you will see the World’s Biggest Apple.    www.loughbreeze.com>,    www.ontariocyclinghostel.com>,   www.northumberlandtourism.com>,          www.visitcramahe.ca>,          www.ontariofishing.net>,            www.letsfishguiding.com>,              www.waterfronttrail.org/trail-p-alnwick-haldimand.html>


Jump in your car. Come as you are.

Here in Northumberland County, especially in the Colborne and Brighton areas we grow great apples and you can enjoy the pleasures of “pick yourself.  ” Pieter’s Appleyard” where 35 varieties, including Heirloom varieties as well as pears, fresh apple cider (made on the premises) are available with great jams and jellies. Pieter’s promises “Where Good Nature Is The Core of Our Business.” Stop in to visit you will not be disappointed.

Loughbreeze B&B Neighbourly Old Fashioned Family Activities

And just down Highway #2 as you head into Brighton “Cricklewood Farms” has 40 different varieties of Apples and they offer 13 for pick your own.   Naturally Cricklewood offers Pumpkins, Squash, Sweet Corn, Raspberries, Tomatoes along with gift items and home baking.   Be sure to check out the Corn Maze at Cricklewood. It’s a real HOOT.    Loughbreeze B&B is secluded privacy on Lake Ontario in Colborne, Ontario, Northumberland County.  Travelling on Highway 401, “The Highway of Heroes”,  exit at exit 497,

Target Colborne's Big Apple Hwy 401 exit 497 and come on down to Loughbreeze B&B on the lakefront.

where you will see the BIG APPLE  landmark.   It’s a lovely drive, just one and a half hours from Toronto or Kingston.      Here at Loughbreeze B&B,  your perfect Paradise,  we are looking forward to seeing you!    Have a great day.


Anne of Green Gables Meets the RCMP

RCMP Loughbreeze IconMr. Mountie guards our door.

The largest ladybug in Northumberland County.

As folk art aficionados we have over the years collected and sold a number of fine pieces of Canadian Folk Art.    Today we own a delightful over sized “Lady Bug” which hangs on one of our Maple Trees.   This rather large Maple provides excellent shade for our yard as well as our bedroom window.   In addition we have a wonderful “Anne of Green Gables”  by Bradford Naugler of Nova Scotia.   Anne and her companion Johnny are classic Nova Scotia folk art.   Mr. Naugler is a recognized folk art artist and has his own web site (www.fromtheheartfolkart.com/artists/naugler ).   We secured Anne and Johnny from our dear friend Lisa, or 99 as we call her.    99 is one of the most fascinating characters in our lives and looking at Anne and Johnny always reminds me of the great times we have shared.   When you visit us at Loughbreeze we will be very happy to share our treasured Folk Art with you.

The RCMP “Mounties”, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, are from our private collection.   The Canadian Flag bearing “Mountie” is seen guarding our door a duty he frequently performs when the weather is fair.   Our full size “Mountie” comforts us as he lends his presence to the interior of our home.



Annie and Johnny greeting Loughbreeze Guests.

Loughbreeze B&B on the North Shore of Lake Ontario is secluded privacy in the middle of everything.  We are looking forward to seeing you!   We are in Colborne, Ontario and part of Northumberland County.   Just look for the BIG APPLE on Highway 401, The Highway of Hero’s exit 497.   All best wishes.       Here is some additional information on Bradford Naugler.     www.lighthouse.ca/bradfo.html                          www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOmFuIPfe0I

Bradford Naugler Mountie Bradford Naugler Farm Scene Bradford Naugler Dog

Shelter Valley Folk Festival – Labour Day Weekend

It’s in Grafton, Ontario on Labour Day weekend every year.  The Shelter Valley Folk Festival is one of the great occasions of Ontario’s summer.  The mission of The Shelter Valley Folk Festival is to celebrate music, juried art,  sustainable living, and harvest food in the heart of Northumberland County through a annual weekend festival, an arts and school program, a community concert series and local song writers showcase…..

Don’t miss it.



Shipping on Lake Ontario near Loughbreeze B&B

What is is?

We had the pleasure this week of watching a tug transporting what looked like a dredge barge with a “High Hoe’ nestled on the deck headed east toward Kingston, Ontario.   The sounds of the tug were our first indication that there was action on the lake.   We only occasionally see large or even medium boats on the lake as we are approximately 40 miles from the shipping channel which is closer to Rochester, N.Y.    Of course from early spring into October we see lots of very fine sail boats mostly leisurely cruising Lake Ontario.   Our proximity to Prince Edward County or, “The County” which is east of Loughbreeze,  dips into the lake considerably south of our location and generally means we see most boats on the horizon.   For us, sail boats are quite majestic and often very colourful.   They mostly represent the slower and more restful image we endorse for Loughbreeze B&B.  Come and visit us.   Your private apartment suite awaits.   We are secluded privacy in the middle of everything.

Summer time from Loughbreeze B&B

Welcome to summer time heaven.  All around Loughbreeze B&B in Colborne, Ontario, home of the World’s Biggest Apple there are fairs, shows, fishing, cycling, theatre, and great food and shopping.  For the best Thai food in Ontario be sure you stop in at the “Golden Rooster Restaurant” across form the centre town park in Colborne.   And Colborne has local artist performing music in the park evenings during the week.  Plus you will not want to misss on August 27th stop in at the Auction Barn Jamboree at the Keeler Centre.  Here is an annual mountain of country music for your pleasure.


Incredible Roseneath Show & Shine Car Show July 24

If you are a regular visitor to the Loughbreeze B&B “blogs” you are already familiar with The Great Roseneath Carousel. Well to show off their great community and have a summer festival Roseneath stages a get to know us summer “Show n’ Shine car and tractor celebration on July 24.  Come and see.   You will love every minute.  As well you know about the don’t miss Roseneath Fall Fair held this year on October 1 and 2.  Roseneath stages an unforgettable country fall fair.   More activities and pleasures, food, flea market, music, and amusement rides including the awesome restored carousel.  Don’t miss this one. And don’t miss Loughbreeze B&B and your own apartment suite, on Lake Ontario where our secluded privacy is in the middle of everything.  We are looking forward to seeing you


Lake Ontario Ancient Ship Wreck Found

Located in the deep, 300 feet, of cold Lake Ontario waters a couple of super sleuth amateur hunters have found their treasure.  Their find is located east of Loughbreeze B&B.   With new technology there is a rush under way in Lake Ontario to find the host of ships lost to bad weather.  You will be fascinated to read this story and find related articles.  Loughbreeze is your perfect Lake Ontario retreat:  Secluded privacy in the middle of everything.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

300 ft below the surface

Holcin Quarry New Limestone Lake Carrier

Pick the Winner!

Today, July 15, 2012 marked the trial voyage of Holcin’s New Limestone Lake Carrier,  the “Robert S. Pierson”.    It was with great anticipation that we observed the docking and initial loading of the faster and larger cargo carrier that could service the quarry in the new year.   On this day the James Norris,  our old favourite for more years than we care to discuss,  waited patiently as the shiny, white and grey carrier, loaded at the Holcin dock.  We watched the “Robert S. Pierson” slip into the dock dolphins last night just after dark.    This morning in great anticipation we walked to the shore line to see the ‘James Norris’ lying quietly off shore while the new carrier loaded her limestone for the trip to Clarkston, Ontario processing plant.    As the “Robert S. Pierson” pulled away,


James Norris waiting while the Pierson loads

Lake Ontarios Pierson Leaving Colbourne

‘The James Norris’ maneuvered into position for the conveyer belts to deposit their crushed limestone into her holds.   This could be a new era where the Holcin Colborne quarry utilizes two special Lake freighters hauling some of the highest quality limestone found anywhere to the Holcin processing plant in Clarkson or maybe the new ship replaces the old or even the old tried and true ‘James Norris’, our sentimental favourite, out performs the new.   From lake front Loughbreeze B&B, your perfect get away resort we will be watching all the Lake Ontario happenings and hoping to see you very soon.    All best wishes from Loughbreeze B&B.     Offering our guest a beautiful apartment suite we are secluded privacy in the middle of everything.

Peter Puffin performs at Presqu’ile Park

Juno-Award Winner Peter Puffin to perform at

The Amphitheatre, Presqu’ile Provincial Park

March 14, 2010 – 2 p.m.


Thursday, July 21, 2011 from 7:00 pm.

Donations $2 per person/$5 per family will be appreciated.

(Funds raised will support the educational and interpretive programs in Presqu’ile Park.)

Peter Puffin (a.k.a. Peter Lenton) is well known in Canada for his fun and interactive

presentations that focus on our environment, wildlife, and wild places.


Peter will be singing about the great features of Presqu’ile and even get the whole

audience to help write a song for the Park.  This will be fun for everyone and,

in particular, families with children should really enjoy this.


For more information

call David at 613 475 4324, ext 225 or email david.bree@ontario.ca

To learn more about Peter Puffin visit www.puffin.ca


A valid park permit is required to enter the Park.