Colborne’s Perfect Retreat: Loughbreeze B&B

Our Curious Wildlife Watching Our B&B Guests

We cordially invite you to our unbelievable lake front sun rises, our shore line walks, our secluded nature trail in the bush and always absolute serenity.  Loughbreeze Bed and Breakfast is a luxurious four season destination.  Come and experience the pleasures of  “The Big Apple”     Presqu’ile Provincial Park ,  plus   ( the wonders of historic Brighton, (,

Our Gardens are Enjoying the Rain!

Cobourg, (,   Warkworth, (  Cramahe, ( , Port Hope, (  and Trenton, (,   Hundreds of festivals,  local theatres, antique stores and auctions, a foodie’s delight, rolling rural roads and farms, (, believe me, you will not be disappointed.    Loughbreeze B&B located on the North Shore of Lake Ontario in Colborne, Ontario.  We are just ninety minutes from Toronto at the Big Apple on highway 401, the Highway of Hero’s,  exchange number 497.   Your very own gilded retreat: Secluded privacy in the middle of everything.  Wishing you a wonderful day.

Sunrise Near Colborne at Our B&B
















Spring at Colborne’s Loughbreeze B&B

Trilliums in the Woods

Here at Loughbreeze the winter of 2010/2011 was one of those old fashion winters.  At least that is what the old timers tell us.  For sure it was a bit longer than last year and we did have a bit more snow, but winter here on the North Shore of Lake Ontario is beautiful.  Since we are located on the Lake we get a wonderful Lake effect and in the winter months.

Rabbit Hiding in the Field

When we want more snow we just drive a few minutes north into the Northumberland Hills where you will find snow, ski hills and all those real winter sports.  However winter has passed causing us are all to do the Spring Tango i.e., de winterize, tune up the lawn mower, put away the snow blower,  and watch spring sprunging as things are turning green with the bees checking out every bloom.   Take a look at the beautiful Trillium picture.

Rhubarb Growing Near the Shore

And be sure you peruse the fox families pictures in our blogs.  I am sure you will appreciate seeing these delighful fox babies.   In addition this week we started work on refurbishing our Nature Trail.  The trail will be ready by the end of next week.     Loughbreeze B&B is truly seclude privacy in the middle of everything.  Come to Loughbreeze B&B Paradise to visit soon.  Wishing you a wonderful day.

Rudy Valentino at Three Months

Rudy and Mom

Just down the road from the Colborne, Ontario Big Apple interchange on Hwy 401 (497) “Highway of Heroes'”,  close to the Lake and around the corner from Loughbreeze B&B is the Home of Rudy Valentino.  You already know we have featured Rudy in several blogs and now we have the pictures of Rudy at three months of age.   He is a magnificent colt.  His coat is changing a bit and he is even more friendly than before.


A Family Nuzzle

You can sense his growing maturity in these pictures we just took.   John, is Rudy’s owner and horseman par excellence he is also a horse trainer and riding instructor.  Frequently we visit the farm to take photographs of riders up dating their skills and training their horses to the rigours of jumping.  Certainly for John this is truly a labour of love.


John and Peggy Sue

Hard work and more hard work as John also makes out calls to shoe and train horses.  Then too he enters into competitions throughout the province.   As we often remark to John “a man’s work is never done.”   You will love being at Loughbreeze B&B our secluded paradise in the middle of great things.  We are looking forward to seeing you.

Colborne’s Loughbreeze B&B Waterfront Theatre

Before the Renovation

Beautifully nestled on the North Shore Banks of Lake Ontario the Loughbreeze B&B Theatre is Nature’s perfect waterfront “gathering centre.”   Ideal for family groups, Artist and Authors, Lectures and Group Studies, Picnics and Photography and especially Reunions and Weddings, Loughbreeze is secluded privacy in the middle of everything only minutes from Highway 401.    The open intimacy of The Loughbreeze Waterfront Theatre is enhanced by  Nature’s beautiful skies, awesome Lake colours and changing water patterns as clean fresh breezes restore life’s beauty.   It’s Nature’s way!    Explore our gardens while nature’s retreat tranquilly touches your soul.

Our Outdoor Theatre Taking Shape

For full contact information visit,  it’s Northumberland’s finest  retreat address.

Building our Lakefront Activity Centre in Colborne

Well Montreal has the BIG O, Toronto has their CN Tower plus The Rogers Centre and of course Seattle has it’s own Space Needle even New York has the House Babe Ruth built,  i.e., The Home of The Yankee’s.   Now Loughbreeze B&B in Colborne, Ontario is the home of Lake Ontario’s North Shore Amphitheatre and outdoor Wedding Chapel. Loughbreeze B&B is lake front secluded privacy in the middle of everything.

More Flowers?

This is Mother Nature’s perfect setting for beautiful weddings. You will love the natural setting of ever green shrubs, blooming plants and flowers and don’t forget our magnificent Lake Ontario with it’s brilliant colours and patterns.  Loughbreeze B&B is your own personal nirvana.  Come and begin your life anew in Nature’s ideal setting.



Taking a Sunny Break

Learning about birds and other wildlife is a constant at Loughbreeze B&B.   This year we have particularly enjoyed closely observing  the Common Flicker .   It’s pecking a new hole right outside our second story bay window.   In eastern Canada, the Common Flicker is a large brown backed woodpecker with a red patch on it’s nape who traditionally resides in trees located in open country, parks or estates. The male flourishes a black mustache with yellow wing linings so we think that this industrious bird is a male.

Drilling a New Hole.

With only buds on our trees, it is easy to notice that flash of red as it’s head bobs.  We hear the Flicker frequently as it works hard, drilling out its nesting spot.  Since it is a ground feeder  we also see it searching for ants and beetle larvae on our lawns.  The average Flicker grows to 12 inches or 30 cm. During courtship Flickers often announce their nesting boundaries by hammering on metal roofs or dead branches.

Starling Attack!

Nesting in tree cavities, power poles or bird houses the female raises 6-8 white eggs.

At Loughbreeze B&B, secluded privacy in the middle of everything, there is much to experience and learn from nature. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a wonderful day.


Rudi one month old

Rudy Growing Up


Making New Friends

Teething on the Fence

We are a bit late in sending out these delightful pictures of Rudy Valentino on his first month’s birthday.  If you have been following our blogs you will remember Rudy two weeks after he was born.  See those pictures in an earlier blog.




He is really growing fast.   John says that he has a lot of spirit and quite curious about his new world. He is enjoying the warmer spring weather where he can romp and play but Mom is always keeping a close eye on all visitors.


Leaving Loughbreeze B&B




Now as time flies so quickly, we must head for the farm this week to get the latest photographs of this beautiful colt.





We are including one of Rudy’s stable mates, Peggy Sue, a beautiful spotted grey mare.  John often rides by Loughbreeze B&B as he trains his horses so we took this picture just last week.

Loughbreeze B&B, the perfect retreat, secluded privacy in the middle of everything. Wishing you a wonderful day. Hope to see you soon.


Colborne Lakefront Foxes

Learning to Hunt!


Posing for the Camera


Mom and Kits

We have enjoyed an incredible Spring here at Loughbreeze B&B. Well, I have to admit there have been some rainy periods but we have loved the abundance of wild life.

As you know Loughbreeze B&B, our magical retreat, is secluded privacy in the middle of everything. Well, we have had birds, birds and more birds and they delivered more than a fair share of our watching pleasure. From the early spry and healthy spring Robins plus the Buffleheads extending their winters stay to observing the nest building skills of Kingfishers, Robins, Black Birds and a even several Ravens.   It has been a Spring to remember.

But I think we most enjoyed observing the hard work of a couple of Common Flickers as they hollowed out a near perfect nesting spot in a tree just outside our bedroom window.  Lately a flock swallows descended just in time to swoop through the air, dining on the midges.  Beyond good luck, we have two separate litters of fox. Both dens are raising 4 beautiful cubs.

All this activity has us camera ready, tip toeing every where we go. For your pleasure here are some of the great situations that we were lucky enough to capture in photos.

The pleasures of Loughbreeze B&B await your visit. Wishing you a great day.


Lets Fish

The art and pleasure of fishing are manifest in our friend at “Let’s Fish”. Sedge, a native born son, has built his Letsfish Guiding organization,, on the honest premis of teaching children to fish. He is a known and respected fisherman and community activist. When he is not fishing or planning to fish he can be found throughout our communities seeking out new and better places to fish or working to assist in community endeavours. While everyone knows Sedge you will instantly identify him by his beautiful truck. Come to Loughbreeze B&B, secluded privacy in the middle of everything, where we will happily deliver you to a personal introduction. Wishing you a great day.

Colborne’s Awesome Season for Lilacs


Living at Colborne’s Loughbreeze B&B in beautiful Northumberland County we are in great lilac country. It is a super bonus. Northumberland County is re-known for it’s incredible lilacs and each year thousands of visitoras drive or take one of the hunderds of tour busses to admire these magnificent trees and bushes from Port Hope, Cobourg, Grafton,Colborne, Cassleton, Morganston to Warkworth. Here at Loughbreeze B&B we are blessed with our own vintage double blossom trees. They are a delight to us and our guest. They fill the early mornings and evenings with their awesome scent.

You can almost catch the scent too.


In nearby Warkworth the community has enhanced their town by adding nearly 75 varieties of lilacs and many of them are of the ever blooming variety. For information on the full range of lilacs, a lilac tour map as well as additional important information contact or call 1-866-401-3278. All best wishes from Loughbreeze B&B, the great Lake Ontario retreat. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a blooming wonderful day.