Ice Fishing

Well, I was just reminded that I did not mention the great fishing opportunities we regularly enjoy each winter. Yes, of course, we enjoy skiing, both downhill and cross country. And here I digress for just a moment to tell you the story of the Incomparable “Jack Rabbit Johannsen”, certainly Canada’s most famous cross country skier. “Jack Rabbit” was named by the First Nation’s Cree, for his incredible speed and ability on cross country skies. His famous ski run from just north of Montreal to the out skirts of Ottawa is pure legend. A course of endurance and skill for any skier. You may want to read “The Legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen written by Jack’s daughter. ( as well as (

Ice Fishing on Brighton Bay

Now back to ice fishing! Every winter the protected bays along Lake Ontario’s north shore, feeder waterways and tributaries, private lakes and ponds host thousands of ice fishers. Most of these hearty individuals take or tow their huts out and using an auger cut a small hole in the ice over which the hut is placed. Safe from winters cold and winds they relax sipping their favourite cold weather beverage. Often times, their truck or car will be parked on the ice just out side their shelter. ( On weekends hundreds of folks will be at the better sites fishing and socializing as they visit throughout the community. Come enjoy our world. We at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel are looking forward to seeing you soon.

One Fish, Two fish see the beautiful fish

Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel, we are located in great fishing country. Fishing is a universal activity. As a sporting past time and frequently as an industry, fishing is big. Everyone knows someone who fishes. All around us in Northumberland County fishing is a great sport and past time. Hundreds of streams and let me guess, thousands of ponds and lakes, including Lake Ontario, deliver pleasure and even cash for participants. Fishing from the shores of lakes and streams means no boat is required. All around us are boat ramps and launches you can use.   Or if you prefer, we can put you in touch with the professionals.  Often we see ‘fisher-people’ lining the shores.  Check out this web site:(, and here is just one local contest to consider, (   On Rice Lake just a few minutes north of our door you can experience four season fishing. Rice Lake is part of the 386 km “Trent-Severn Waterway” which meanders through 45 lift locks in central Ontario into Peterborough, Ontario, with their world famous “Lift Lock”. (  On Rice Lake, one of our most favourite contacts is (  Here you can take your children and watch them explore fishing with a professional.    No matter what outdoor activity you would like to pursue, we here at Loughbreeze B&B can help guide you to great resources.  Come visit soon.  Have a great day.

The Awesome Snow of 2011

All Dressed for Winter!

Since we are located on the north shore of Beautiful Lake Ontario we mostly live in a micro climate, that is taking advantage of the lake warming us in winter and cooling in summer.  This year, in fact for the past several weeks, we have been treated to abnormal amounts of snow.  That was translated into beautiful pristine snow.  Yes, we know snow is the bane of city dwellers existence but right now it looks like those incredible ski resorts you see in fashion magazines and travel posters.  Close by in Oshawa we have Brimacombe Ski Resort at

Nature’s Ice Sculptures Right at our Door!

Already Rob, our snow plough guy, has been here 5 times in the past several weeks.  Last winter, he came only once.  To share our good fortune, we are posting some of the photographs we have been taking.   Take a look at our Nature Trail pictures too. We love our winter walks in the woods. ENJOY!  Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel, Northumberland Ontario’s premier lake front B&B, we are looking forward to seeing you soon.  Have a great day.

Ian Simpson returns to Brighton

Meeting Ian Simpson immediately puts you on a high. He is a cool good looking dude with accomplished presence. Then you learn he has unbelievable acting credentials including 7 years playing Harry Bright in MAMMA MIA touring more than 140 cities across the US , Canada and Mexico. He also has played at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival for 4 years in King Lear, The Boyfriend, Equus, Coriolanus, The Gondoliers, Camelot and The Music Man. Then too he has performed at The Shaw Festival, The Charlottetown Festival, The Royal Alexandra Theatre plus Alberta Theatre Projects and 42 Street Moon in San Francisco. As well, he toured with The Tokyo Philharmonic as the featured soloist. In 2011, he will appear in Silk Stockings in San Francisco and as Andre in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for The Empire Theatre, Belleville ( Ian was born in Brighton, Ontario and attended local schools. He has now re-settled here after purchasing his great, great, great,?? grandfather Obediah Simpson’s home. Obediah arrived in Brighton in February 1796 as one of the towns first settlers. Since his re-settlement to Brighton, Ian has generously shared his talents and story with the local community reconnecting with old friends while meeting new admirers. Welcome home Ian!   Your friends at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel, are very pleased to have you back.  Have a great day!

Tim Hortons

Hello from Colborne’s Tim Hortons.   Can we imaging that everyone the the world knows Tim Hortons? (  Probably not, but across Canada and in several American States like New York & North Carolina plus Kandar, Afghanistan Tim Hortons is a recognized genuine world class phenomena.   Some people may even consider  their visit to Tim’s as a daily religious experience.  Have you heard the phrase:  double double?  Well it is in the Canadian Dictionary and Wikipedia. (   For Colborne, Ontario the arrival of Tim Hortons transfixed the population and altered their lives.  At the drive through you can count ten to fourteen+ cars and trucks at any time of day.  Here are the facts.  Tim Hortons is a Canadian institution.  Since it’s inception in 1964 Tim Hortons donuts and coffee have achieved ubiquitous cult status.  In 1976 “Tim Bits” were introduced and they never looked back.  Since their arrival in Colborne in 2010, there were already hundreds of revered Tim Hortons stores across Canada by that time.    No matter where you travel you will see people carrying their unmistakable Tim’s brown paper coffee cup.  Yes everywhere; in grocery stores, at auctions, in shopping centres, at service stations, on the subway and all public transportation plus going into business meetings.   Carrying your Tims coffee cup is a national symbol and possibly a citizenship badge across Canada.  You should know too about Tims “roll up the rim” promotion.  Good grief: everyone plays. Our national pride doubled when Tims opened a branch for our troops in Kandar.  Oh sure there is talk of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and sometimes Walmart but not with the reverence and respect accorded Tim Hortons.     Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel we are looking forward to seeing you after you stop at Tim Hortons.  Have a great day!

Cobourg Bicycle Action Committee

Congratulations to the Cobourg Bicycle Action Committee who have requested the town of Cobourg provide bicycle lanes and improved share the road signage. Rick Nonneke, President of Sustainable Cobourg made the request to Cobourg Town Council in an effort to make Cobourg more bike friendly.
(   Randy Albon a member of the Action Committee outlined the request for more than 50 “Share the Road” signs plus 10 kilometres of bike lanes on the town’s busiest streets. The Cobourg Bicycle Action Committee cites cutting pollution and improving overall community health as primary objectives for their proposal including a bicycle parking facility, bicycle education classes as well as a marketing program for “Bike Week”. Great work guys!  ( BAC) And I am confident you have already read the CAA, Canadian Automobile Association ( ) fall 2010 article, “Going with the Flow” an excellent up date on cyclist events around the nation. Jeff Walker, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of the CAA make a solid promotion for providing safer cycling street. It was noted that Vancouver has the fastest growing cyclist population and has added routes up to more than 400 kilometres. Gil Penalosa, executive director of 8-80 Cities, a non profit organization in Toronto has proposed intercity guidelines 1- ban right turns on red lights. 2- a reduction of speed limits. 3- a five second head start for pedestrians over motorist on green lights. A very hearty Thank you to all these proponents to our safety. Here at Loughbreeze B&B we are looking forward to seeing you. Have a great day!,

Great Waterfront Trail Adventure – Cyclist Dream Come True

Heading Out to the Waterfront Trail!

The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, (  may be the most perfect cycling event offered anywhere.  This year,  2011,  is the fourth annual amazing GWTA end to end fully supported bike tour.  Beginning July 2, 2011 in Niagara Falls, Ontario you will cycle with nearly 350 avid cyclist on the Ontario Waterfront Trail 730 km route all the way to the Quebec border, through 41 communities in 8 magnificent incredibly pleasurable days.     Come for the ride!

Our Cyclists' Support Vehicle

Families and friends welcome.  Meet the friendly people of Ontario and revel in the glories of Ontario’s Waterfront Trail.  This is a dynamic life enriching adventure you will want to repeat year after year.   Visit,  for all the details and a registration application.   Don’t delay;  Loughbreeze B&B is on the way.  Here at Loughbreeze we are looking forward to seeing you.

Welcome to Loughbreeze 2011 - Our new Calendar of events

Scene from our Bank

Boy oh boy time flies.   We are just coming off the very busy December,  Christmas/ New year Holiday season and already we are finalizing our guest activities schedule for 2011.  In our blogs read about the Presqu’ile Provincial Park 2011 annual events.  And believe me they are hosting some fabulous activities.   The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure is currently in our blog and we will be major participants in this one.

Warkworth's Donnybrook

Up and coming are wonderful Warkworth festivals including the Warkworth Donnybrook, there is nothing like it, a party that you must attend to believe it.

In March the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival (   will renew your zest for life.

For up to date information on the local antique scene check out The Wayback Times(
The rocking Brighton Apple Route Weekend called Apple Fest,  (  is a big deal you don’t want to miss.  It happens in September.  Be there!  We here at Loughbreeze are looking forward to seeing you.  All best wishes.

Winter Wonderland – Animal Tracks

Whose Animal Tracks?

In our adventures here at Loughbreeze B&B we revel in winter’s mornings after an evening snow fall.  Before the sun rises and starts to light the sky, we begin to look for the animal tracks in the snow.   Fox, racoon deer, groundhogs, rabbits and squirrels are our most frequent visitors and they leave the most delightful trails.   As well, they all seem impervious to barriers and fences knowing just where and how to skirt over or under blocking things.  These wonderful creatures must rise earlier than we do or it could be they experience a very active night life.  On these special mornings, we observe solitary trails and paths that often cross and re-cross each other.  A fox trots here and a rabbit hops there while a squirrel races from tree to tree searching for a meal.  And in nature’s grand scheme each participant is a meal for another creature.   Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel, we looking forward to seeing you and sharing with you our joy in nature.

Loughbreeze Photography – Great Photo’s

Presqu'ile's Swans Visiting our Bank

While I write this from our winter wonderland I must confess Magical Loughbreeze B&B and contiguous grounds of Lake Ontario shores, the wooded areas that surround us, the bush as well as the views from our yard across the Lake, sun rises and our fabulous view of Presqu’ile Provincial Park deliver an unending array of memorable photo opportunities.  In truth every visiting artist and wanna be has created their own beautiful images from this special place.  While my own Nikon D80 records fifty to 80 crisp images everyday the wonder of the Lake colours and patterns never disappoint.

Winter from our Window

On the colder days Mother Nature treats us to an endless image of lake ice floating and forming in balls, sheets and hundreds of unique geometric oddities add to our always dazzling skies.  Shadows and wildlife tracks abound.  Snow mounds and valleys swirled by the wind are there for your pleasure.  Summer’s wild grass and fall’s evergreen and deciduous trees collect the clinging blown snow creating more changing patterns of light and dark.  Mind you all of this is passing and will soon be replaced by a warming spring sun,  inviting green lawns, budding green leaves and sprouting plants pushing their heads up preparing to bloom. Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel Northumberland County premier Lake Ontario accommodations we are looking forward to seeing you!  Have a great day!