Winter wonderland

First Snow

Imagine our delight this morning, Sunday December 19, 2010,  when we awoke to our very own winter wonderland.  What a beautiful morning. This means we will have a “White Christmas” I happily proclaimed.  Well everything is beautiful.  That fine dry snow has just embroidered our lawn and every tree and shrub into a wondrous work of art.  

Before the Winter Wind

Hey, gotta sign off now cause we are headed out to experience this beautiful day walking along the shore line and especially into the woods on our nature path.  We here at Loughbreeze are looking forward to seeing you.  All best wishes.

Seasonal trimmings

Lots of Help!

Yes, the time has come!!  I have removed the pumpkins and decorative corn from the lamp post. Now the ladder is out and I am pulling down from the attic all those boxes filled with an amazing assortment of memorabilia from seasons’ past.  This is an emotional time for me as many memories are triggered by the contents.  I carefully unwrap the glass garlands from my childhood protected by the huge assortment of red and silver bows.

Assortment from nature and the past.

There are the new energy saving lights contrasting the much loved original creations accumulated every year from our grandchildren.  I am regularly surprised by some forgotten treasure.  Usually it is a handmade decoration that I causes me to marvel at how quickly the time flies!  At Loughbreeze we are blessed with wood lots and traditional native plants so collecting real holiday decorations is a short walk in the woods.

Who Needs Skates?

Cedar, pine, sumach, and winter dried wild flowers give me everything I need to decorate.   We love the traditions of the Holiday Season.  And now with our Grandchildren these days are even more precious.  I am often reminded of a life telling comment by a recent Grandmother guest who said:  “Once I had grandchildren I quickly forgave my own children for all those difficult situations we experienced.”   That brought back a ton of memories in my own life.  Wishing you and yours a wonderful life.  We here at Loughbreeze are looking forward to seeing you.  All best wishes!