Busy Beaver

It is not everyday that we see a tree this size being cut down by a Beaver!  This is a solid 28 inch girth that reaches 45 feet into the bright blue skies right on Lake Ontario.  But a little history:  We frequently see beavers, sometimes a pair,  silently swimming right off our bank as they traverse from one beaver fertile tree stand to another.  A mere month ago an enterprising, probably very hungry Beaver, attempted to make a tasty meal from an even larger Poplar Tree less than 200 yards

Searching for Another Tree!

from our site. Fortunately we found a piece of wire fencing to wrap around the tree for it’s protection. We discovered the tree in the picture as we walked the beach just where a stream joins the Lake.  Located at the mouth this stream there are two Beaver Lodges!  We are fascinated by how quickly Beavers can accurately fell a sizeable tree.  Last year we noticed a Beaver, well maybe he had some friends over for the hard part of the job,  dropped three or four Poplar trees in a standing row right into the Lake where he could chew off the tender morsels he most favours and leave the rest.


Mind you more than a few twigs and branches are transported back to the lodge  where remodelling and maintenance are a constant.  Right now we are closely watching the tree in the picture to see when Mr. Beaver finishes his work.  Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel we are looking forward to seeing you.

Fun in Lake Ontario

An Early Morning Kayak Excursion

Regrettably I am a bit late in getting this blog posted but bear with me if you can.  It has been a darn busy summer and now fall is in the air this is a bit of news you can appreciate.   With the beautiful warm, well maybe it was hot, days we had in August and then the very early days of September,  all of our visitors happily joined us for a swim in Beautiful Lake Ontario.  Hey, it’s a major benefit of living on the Lake.

Dipping Our Toes

Like the world around us, the Lake is a mystery:  there are those days of glass like calmness and then a mere cooling summer breeze can stir up those gentle shore lapping waves which can grow into beautiful white caps bouncing off the shore line.  Occasionally there is a canoe or even a couple of kayaks and frequently a good size sail boat makes its way along the horizon.

Watching the Minnows

Believe me, it is all great to see but what I love most is to watch families swimming and playing in the Lake.  Kids of every age joyfully splashing and running through the water and anticipating the waves.  Parents relaxing, sometimes in the water and then alternatively taking a brief respite just out of the water while the kids excitedly frolicked between and betwixt.  Wholesome living for us all.  We here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel, Northumberland County premier Lake Ontario waterfront accommodations, are looking forward to seeing you.

Our very own nature path

From our Field

Nestled in the brush and tree lot (it’s maybe 50 acres) just across from Loughbreeze Bay B&B, we have cut a Nature walking path.   Here we can easily observe the wild flowers and enjoy a close up visit with a very old Apple tree and its companion, an older Pear tree. These trees, even though they are growing wild,  are still producing delicious small fruit.  We hope to resurrect them both this winter and through careful nurturing enjoy their fruit for years to come.

Waiting to be Picked

Now, along with offering us tasty morsels and the occasional pot of real apple sauce,  they are also attracting some wildlife.  The smaller creatures are enjoying the hidey holes in the trunks while the deer have been seen munching the apples.  We here at Loughbreeze Bay are looking forward to seeing you and sharing our heritage fruits.

Fall colours are here

Glorious Maple

Wow!  It is September again and that means the fall colours are back, possibly better than ever.  A drive right to the Loughbreeze Bay door will amaze you with a beautiful array of colours. Be sure you bring your camera.  Awesome reds, bright yellows and as you would expect, all are nestled in a background of green leaves and evergreens.

Just Down the Lane

Treat yourself to the rolling Northumberland Hills, the Village of Brighton and especially Presqu’ile Provincial Park Presqu’ile Provincial Park.  They are our closest neighbours.   Don’t miss it.  We here at Loughbreeze Bay are looking forward to seeing you.

Fall Gardens

The Bees enjoying the Broccoli!

We are enjoying the results of our great growing season here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B.  Along with the normal carrots, beets, tomatoes that are so good to eat , this year we had a large crop of broccoli.  So large , in fact, that we let some of the plants bloom for the bees to enjoy too.  Surprisingly, the small yellow flowers look like they should be in the flower garden.  The green beans were so tasty that we decided to let some mature.  Now we can have a wonderful crop next year by using this year’s seeds. But we will have to supplement our meagre onion crop  with some from one of our local fruit and vegetable stands that dot the highway #2 along the Apple Route.    Drop in and share our bounty!  We here at Loughbreeze are looking forward to seeing you.

Presqu’ile’s Butterflies and Turtles Are Moving On.

Travel Carefully

Here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B on the edge of Lake Ontario we are surrounded by forest and wild fields.  As we face east we are constantly observing Presqu’ile Provincial Park Presqu’ile Provincial Park.  Naturally we are frequent visitors to the park and enjoy their many activities. This year at the Park nearly 400 Monarch Butterflies were tagged so that their migration routes could be observed.

Waiting to be Tagged

Tagging Butterflies is an annual Park project and requires dedicated volunteers.  Even as the Monarch Butterflies are being tagged there is the annual migration of Turtles. You will love our pictures of the road signs warning drivers to be alert to Turtles crossing.   On our very own Nature Path here at Loughbreeze Bay we took pictures of hundreds of Monarch Butterflies skirting about feeding on the  Goldenrod plants.  It has been a September to behold.   We here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel, Northumberland County’s premier Lake Ontario waterfront accommodations are looking forward to seeing you.

Presqu’ile Park Crossings

Presquile's Famous Lighthouse

September brings a host of fabulous activities to Presqu’ile Provincial Park Friends of Presqu’ile Park .  Located half way between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario, this finger of heritage property juts out into Lake Ontario and forms one side of the Brighton Bay.   The point is home of the famous Presqu’ile Light House a welcomed beacon to thousands of early mariners.  These days there is a flurry of wild life activity at the park.  Monarch Butterflies are gathering for their annual migration to Mexico and this weekend many of the butterflies will be tagged in order to track their journey.  Gathering on shrubs and trees these beautiful creatures are resting, feeding and awaiting those favourable winds that will assist them in their journey across the lake and southward.   The Labour Day weekend also marks the end of the interdenominational church services help each Sunday in the open air theatre at the Park. But it does not end there.  This is the time when Park Turtles are on the move.  Laying their eggs and preparing for winter.   As well, there are guided tours to observe the bird life in the Park Presqu’ile Provincial Park. September is a wondrous time throughout Northumberland County.  The trees are beginning to show their fall colours across the hills and don’t forget those incredible fall fairs.  Many are happening right now.   Here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B we are looking forward to seeing you!

Auction Barn Jamboree

For the past six years “The Great Auction Barn Jamboree” has slipped into Colborne, Ontario nearly unnoticed by most residents.  But this is an event, Country in the Country,  not to be missed.  It happens every year on the Labour Day Weekend.  By my own non scientific calculations, this year there were over 400 motor homes and huge travel trailers gathered around the “Keeler Centre” annually home to this music extravaganza.  Hosted by non other than Gary Warner, long time Colborne auctioneer and raconteur, the Auction Barn jamboree is a blended mix of professional and open mike opportunities all culminating in a huge Sunday Morning Gospel Hour.   Check it out at www.auctionbarnjamboree.ca.   Here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel we are looking forward to seeing you!

Beautiful Fall – come cycle with us

Maple Leaves Galore!

This year we keep trying to get just ahead of the curve with the changing seasons.  We finally caught up on most of our chores and scheduled Jack, a mainstay in our operation. An experienced cyclist, he loves the woodlands and the natural  beach areas surrounding us.   We operate in conjunction with Northumberland Tourism, Ontario Cyclist Network, the Brighton, Ontario Apple Route Committee The Apple Route,   plus The Bike Train.    Ontario Cycling Hostel is located on the North shore of Lake Ontario  just west of Presqu’ile Provincial Park in a natural setting.  Come sample our back road cycling, our own nature walk and fascinating water front exploring.  Families are always welcome!.  Here, you can take a refreshing swim in Lake Ontario, cook out on one of our BBQ’s or just relax anywhere in our fenced lake front yard. For further information contact your local bike shop, cyclist club or refer right here on our web site,  www.loughbreezebay.com.     Be sure you bring your camera to have your own record of the wondrous sights at Loughbreeze.   Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel in beautiful Northumberland County right on Lake Ontario, we are looking forward to seeing you!

Endless Summer 2010

Black Locust Trees framing the lake

Yesterday I looked out to the shimmering lake watching the water patterns and admired the beautiful Black Locust Trees spiralling skyward on our property right down to the water’s edge. These magnificent trees easily rise 80 feet into the blue cloudless skies.    They are late in getting their spring leaves but compensate that tardy arrival with hundreds of small white flowers that attract bees by the millions.  For up to two weeks, once the flowers burst out, the yard is buzzing with bee’s, 75 feet up in the top combing these special trees for the very unique Black Locust nectar. Then as the blooms fall, we are showered with thousands upon thousands of white petals looking like a gentle snow shower.   Nature affords us a continuing show of wonders.  Just past our stand of Black Locust, the Maples are already changing colours and dropping their leaves.   Summer has been glorious here on the lake but fall’s harbinger is in the air.  Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel in Beautiful Northumberland County we are looking forward to seeing you.