Shelter Valley Folk Festival

The Shelter Valley Folk Festival,
is one of Canada’s premier summer occasions and it happens just minutes from our door.  In fact it is such an institution most folks think it has been around for decades.   Never mind, the country side will rock for three days beginning September 3.  A cornucopia of music, awesome exhibits, naturopathic therapies, a sustainable living workshop and a festival favourite the painting of the old truck are just a few of the memories to be had.  Believe me the Shelter Valley Folk Festival is an earth shaking event not to be missed.  We here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B are looking forward to seeing you.

Cramahe family database

Catherine Wilson, a noted University of Guelph professor has recently published her award winning book called “Tenants in Time”.  In her book Ms. Wilson has traced early residents history in the Cramahe/Colborne area.  Visit  ( to view her online data base.   Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel we are looking forward to seeing you.

I can see for miles and miles

Some times the ordinary is truly extraordinary.  Things most of us take for granted are frequently so special we forget that to recognize their uniqueness.  Just the other day I was standing out on our point that projects into Lake Ontario where I could clearly see the CN Tower in downtown Toronto.  Now everyone knows the CN Tower.  The “TOWER” is mostly retired from it’s communications role but it is still the second tallest free standing structure in the entire world.  Certainly millions of people have visited the observation deck and millions more have dined in the rotating restaurant perched way up there.   Over the years the CN Tower, (,  has become one of Toronto’s most celebrated land marks.  Here at Loughbreeze B&B, and Ontario Cycling Hostel, Northumberland’s premier 4 season Lake Ontario accommodations we are looking forward to seeing you!