Camping at Presqu’ile Provincial Park

Famous Presqu'ile Point Lighthouse

Presqu’ile Provincial Park camping is an annual ritual at one of Ontario’s most popular parks.  Over 380 camping spots are available.  This year Presqu’ile Park, Ontario’s most popular park, celebrates the International Year of Biodiversity offering a host of workshops and contests.  Wondrous sandy beaches compliment the campground area.  Be sure you investigate the newly opened wheelchair accessible Marsh Boardwalk.  It is awesome.  The picnic area is right on the water making it very special.  It is quickly populated by hundreds of day visitors during the spring/summer and fall.

The Park is open year round and offers many winter activities and community programs.  At Presqu’ile Point you will find the famous Presqu’ile Lighthouse with The Nature Centre and foot path.  The Nature Centre is always hosting special activities and displays.  You will not want to miss this attraction.  Just this past week, we had guests stay with us who had relatives camping in the park.  They moved easily between both areas, ours and the park, enjoying the best of  both.  Here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B we are looking forward to seeing you!


This spring, I couldn’t wait for our heritage lilacs to bloom. It seemed to take forever!   All my friends, had beautiful sweet smelling blooms but not me.   Here, on the lake, with the ever present cool breezes,  growth seems to slow down. My neighbours, up in the Northumberland Hills saved the day by sharing there’s with me. Our guests appreciated being greeted by large bouquets of fragrant lilacs.   Just when those lilacs had past their peak, mine finally started to bloom. Wow!  We had more that a month of lilacs to enhance our home.   Next the Irises added ambiance and I now I can see the lilies are ready to bloom.

I can’t forget all those other perennials that I enjoy from coral bells to lupins.   Everything, except the lilacs, seems to be blooming earlier and taller. We are hoping that the groundhog will ignore trimming our hollyhocks so we can watch them grow too.  Come visit us and share our gardens!

Canada Day – July 1

Canada Day in Cobourg, Ontario

Canada Day, July 1,  is our day of Celebrating the Greatness of Canada.  Nearly every town in the Country will host a collection of activities to show their appreciation.  Flags are flying, parades are moving down the main streets, bands are playing, dignitaries jump up to support the festivities and people cheer on the marchers. After the last float has passed, everyone moves to the park where the celebrations continue, bands play and speeches abound.  Usually the festivities are culminated by a handsome displays of fire works.

Canada Day Parade in Cobourg, Ont.

Last year we were in Cobourg.  We shook hands with the world’s tallest Mountie and heard the Town Crier.  We were entertained by the dancers and learned more about the different volunteer organizations.

Congratulation on a great party!   We will be in Colborne and Brighton this year and a super party is in the offering. Be sure you are joining in too.  We here at Loughbreeze Bay B&B Northumberland’s finest Lake Ontario accommodations are looking forward to seeing you!

Warkworth Donnybrook

Donnybrook at the Warkworth Arena

It happens every year in June (19th, 2010).  It is an occasion not to be missed come rain or come shine.  Warkworth is a happening community supported by caring and dedicated citizens.  I’ll bet you the Warkworth old timers believe it is a Miracle.  Yes, that is MIRACLE .  A sign of what a community can do/become  when they come together.  When you visit the Warkworth Donnybrook ( you will be joining hundreds of caring and dedicated neighbours working together to promote their community in a glorious fun filled celebration.  All monies raised during the Donnybrook, go to finance community activities.

Here is the scene at the Warkworth Fair Grounds. There is a barn chock full of books, I estimate several thousand. Racks of clothes of every style and type, antiques like you would not believe, collectibles and stuff you never saw before from yesteryear plus, plus, plus.  Inside the barn, people are filling their black garbage bags cause almost everything is sold by the bag ($5.00 a full bag).  Simply put, at the Warkworth Donnybrook, everyone feels like a lottery winner.   At most times, there is a line up to get in and a line up to get out but it’s the most fun you have had for ages.  When it is too crowded, stop in at some of the outdoor booths for their speciality items.  You will not go hungry or be bored here for there is glorious food all over town.

Auctioneer and red shirt helpers busy volunteering!

The arena, filled with wonderful articles you have always wanted and needed, opens at 7:00p.m.  Auctioneers (12+) are ready to put the piece you want up for auction. Donnybrook advocates beware, this is the real thing!   Aardvarks to zebra skin rugs and everything in between awaits your considered bid and immediate possession.  Looking for tools?  Need a bed?  How about furniture?  Radio’s, TV, or anything electronic?  Do you need exercise equipment?  The Warkworth Donnybrook celebration is your place to be.  Great fun, great people and a lesson in community.  Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel on beautiful Lake Ontario we are looking forward to seeing you.

Vegetable Gardens

Searching for fresh veggies.

I love the feel of the warm earth in my hands, as I plant my vegetables.  I’ll make any excuse to stay in the garden, ignoring the other “must do” chores.   Last year, our asparagus yield was small but we had plenty of peas, beans, potatoes and zuchinni .  We were still harvesting our beets and carrots until December but the neighbourhood groundhog regularly pruned the brussel sprouts and cabbages to the ground.  Those ingenious squirrels got quite handy at reaching the sunflowers and corn by climbing the stalks and causing them to break.  Thus making their food reachable.  There is a challenge to managing the sharing of produce.

This year,  we are experimenting with fencing part of the garden to mitigate the losses.  So far, half of the beans have been topped and the peas are getting shorter by the day.  Our guests seem quite interested in seeing how their veggies grow. They also are amused at the evidence of our gardening groundhog.  Some visitors have even lent a hand to plant a second crop.

Come by and check us out at Loughbreeze Bay  B&B.  We look forward to sharing the our gardens.