Collecting Stones

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

For hundreds of years geologist, ordinary people, amateur rock hounds along with the naturally curious have scoured mountain sides, fields, beaches and anywhere they travelled looking for stones. For most of us shapes and colours catch our eyes and attract us to the rocks we collect. Here at Loughbreeze Bay,  stones and rocks of every size are in abundance. Our immediate area is a treasure trove for stones with the markings of a wide range of small animals.  Regularly our visitors carry some specially chosen ones home as mementos of their visit with us.

More Treasures!

More Treasures!

Our grandchildren are particularly pleased to find heart shaped rocks. Bleadsdale Boulder located in Quinte West is reported to be the largest glacial erratic boulder in North America. It’s as big as a house!

Help! We need a sign!


Budding artist at play

My husband’s announcement that we needed a sign for our business brought a hearty agreement from me.  It made such sense. We do need a sign letting visitors know that we have an incredible place.  It needs to convey the idea that watching the Lake, its sun rises, how it highlights the skies and on calm days reflects the clouds. the stars and even the many birds skimming its surface, is so decompressing.   The sign should have a relaxing tone to demonstrate how guests unwind and let nature entertain.   “Where do we get a sign”?  I asked.  “You could paint one,”  he answered and reminded me that I had painted a couple of pictures… but never a SIGN!  I did paint our current sign but only under the premise that a professionally sign would quickly be forthcoming.  Well, my sign is up and working just fine.  Even though I missed painting the birds, it does the job.

Warkworth Legion 21 Peace Doves

The Repatriation of our servicemen and women from the war zone is time filled with sadness and emotion.  All along the Highway of Hero’s from the airport runway at Trenton Air Base and the roads leading to Highway 401, dedicated citizens and Military Personnel, line the roads holding their Canadian Flags.  Once on the 401, Highway of Hero’s, the convoy is lead by Ontario Provincial Police cars.  Other officers strategically placed along the route, block access to the Highway as the hearse, family cars, and Military Guard of the procession moves toward Toronto.  Intercoms crackle as word is passed from one overpass to another announcing the motorcades progress by means of Fire Department and Police radio.  At every overpass, from Trenton to Toronto, there are caring citizens and civic personnel offering their support and appreciation for our troops.  It is a moving scene!  Damp eyes and clenched jaws reflect the mood.   At Lake Road, a small 401 overpass, the Warkworth Legion Colour Guard assembles on each sad occasion.

These dedicated veterans dressed in Blazers with Berets, Campaign Ribbons prominently displayed they raise and lower their flags on command, as the procession approaches and then as if by Divine Intervention 21 white pigeons are released to pass over the hearse.  On top of their fire engines, personnel stand and salute.  It is truly a Grass Roots fallen Hero’s return Home. Respectfully, we go to the Lake Road overpass, near Brighton, Ontario,  with saddened and heavy hearts but this manifestation of caring Canadians lifts us as we all pray there will be no more fallen Hero’s.