Cancer Walk

In Canada, everyone knows the name Terry Fox.    Terry is a Canadian legend in the fight to conquer Cancer.   Yearly, the Terry Fox Cancer run happens across Canada and around the globe anywhere Canadians live or work.   The funds raised by the Terry Fox Volunteers make every Canadian proud.   In America, our daughter Sabrina with her friend Robin, Robin’s Mom and Cathy are devoted members of the two day 39 mile Avon Cancer Walks.  Having walked the 39 mile two day course in Washington, D.C. , New York City as well as Charlotte, N.C., Sabrina and Robin are core members of their committed group.  Aching muscles, too tender feet with the blisters to prove it, 10’s of thousands of women and supportive men sign up for these walks.  The fellowship of their sisterhood helps them cope with bodies consumed by pain while at the same time over joyed with the camaraderie and sense of achievement.   We salute all “Cancer” runners, cyclist and walkers everywhere.   Thank you!  Here at Loughbreeze B&B and Ontario Cycling Hostel we are dedicated to seeing cancer eradicated and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.