Fabulous Fall Colours

DSC_0054As September moves on, Mother Nature begins to paint us wondrous pictures. We started with Spring’s vibrant green sprouts and moved on to Summer’s brilliant colours.   Now, she mischievously shows fields of green cornstalks topped with golden silk tassels, purple and blue wildflowers lining the country roads and autumn leaves turning a delightful red and gold for all to admire.
Nestled here in the Northumberland Hills, we enjoy our evergreens year round but in autumn, they provide just the right contrast on our eye pleasing hillsides.  Fall has begun. Everywhere there are convoys of tourists searching out that special beauty, travelling in motor homes,  busses and cars, stopping at roadside farmers markets as well asDSC_0095 visiting the mirad of Fall Fairs. Cycling groups pedal the Waterfront Trail, follow the Apple Route, www.appleroute.com, or head north into the hills.  Check out these websites www.bikeontours.on.ca , and www.cobourgcyclingclub.com. Don’t forget about our hostel accommodations for eight!
Here along the North Shore we will soon witness the gathering of the Monarch Butterflies, www.monarch-butterfly.com, waiting for just the right wind conditions to take off, across the lake, toward Mexico.  As you might expect,  thousands of migratory birds will also be stopping off. For more information contact, www.northumberlandtourism.com, and www.friendsofpresquile.on.ca, or  www.parks.on.ca. You will find a wealth of pleasures visiting with us.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Sensational Stars

Last week, I was reminded that I had not mentioned one of my favourite things about living here at Loughbreeze Bay.  My epiphany came when I received an email from a friend.  As you can imagine, it is one of those simple pleasures we take for granted but here at Loughbreeze, simple pleasures become a highlight.   All summer long, there has been a plethora of news telling us to look up and check out the night sky.  Sometimes, it looks like a blanket of dark velvet with the stars and planets seeming to pop right out at you. Our night sky has no light pollution. Currently, we have been watching the orbiting Space Station and Space Shuttle.  What an awesome sight to watch these man made creations swiftly pass overhead.  Check out these web sites and see the recent pictures from the newly refurbished Hubble telescope at http://hubblesite.org.    All summer, we have been gathering in our lawn chairs at the lake front to witness the nightly spectacles.  Lately, we marvelled at the close configuration of the moon and Mars as they passed above us in a once in a lifetime formation. For information on local star and planet sightings in your area, go to www.astroleague.org and www.rasc.ca. For us, the show begins as evening arrives and ends as the sun pushes its way across the horizon.  Recently, we were blessed with a golden full moon reflecting off the water.  Soon it will be a golden Harvest Moon. Don’t miss it!   Come to Loughbreeze for the perfect show.   Looking forward to seeing you!

Fall's Bountiful Harvest

As I pass the local farms from the middle of August right up to Thanksgiving, I am always amazed by the area’s great harvest. Stopping at any roadside stand or a Farmer’s Market, will impress you with the variety and freshness of local foods like maple syrup, natural beef as well as a full range of organic items. The home baked treats, jams and jellies will please every palate. The smell and feel of farm fresh produce is really appetizing. Buying fresh honey, when you can see the beehives is a treat not everyone has experienced.  Then, there are the very special farmers celebrations, those incomparable celebrations of a good harvest, The Fall Fair. Please consider these events; Warkworth Fall Fair www.warkworthfair.com, the Port Hope Fair www.porthopefair.com, Brighton Applefest, http://brightonapplefest.ca/ and for more information www.northumberlandtourism.com. Our countryside provides a wonderful harvest for everyone. Come join us and celebrate”Fall’s Bountiful Harvest”. Looking forward to seeing you!